A Letter to Hank Steinbrenner

David BrodianCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2008

Dear Hank Steinbrenner,

Let’s Go Rays! As a Yankee fan, this is what I’ve been reduced to. I’ve been reduced to hoping and praying that another team beats the Red Sox.

I’ve been reduced to hoping and praying that the Tampa Bay Rays, another team in the A.L. East (besides the Yankees) can hold on to their (now) 3-2 series lead.

How could you do this to me, Hank?

Last night was absolutely horrible for me as a Yankee fan, and the Yankees weren’t even playing. Last night brought back all of those horrible feelings from 2004 when the Yankees found some way to blow their 3-0 series lead.

The biggest Yankee headline this postseason has been whether or not A-Rod and Madonna are dating.

Isn’t this supposed to be the other way around? Aren’t Red Sox fans the ones with the shirts that say “I root for two teams, the Red Sox, and whoever beats the Yankees”?

What’s the deal, Hank?

What have I done to the baseball gods to deserve this? I now know something I never wanted to or thought that I’d know—what it felt like to be a Red Sox fan prior to 2004.

I hate Red Sox Nation, Hank.

Hank, I am begging you, please do whatever it takes to help me and the millions of other Yankee fans not feel this way this time next year. Please, go get Sabathia, Sheets, Peavy, or Burnett. Heck, why not get all of ‘em?

That way, next year, every Yankee fan can get back to doing what he or she is used to doing—rooting for the Yankees in the postseason.



Every Yankee Fan Worldwide