Green Bay Packers: Proposed Lambeau Field Additions, Positives and Negatives

Ryan GuillemetteCorrespondent IMay 9, 2011

GREEN BAY, WI - FEBRUARY 06: Green Bay Packers fans celebrate the Packers winning the Super Bowl in front of Lambeau Field on February 6, 2011 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Matt Ludtke/Getty Images)
Matt Ludtke/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers organization recently announced plans to expand the historic Lambeau Field.

The proposed expansion includes an addition of over 7,500 additional seats in the south end zone area. It could also include terrace seating, green and gold level seating with a patio like feel to it, loge seating, standing room only, a party deck underneath the scoreboard in the north end zone, wall terrace bleacher seats and extra food and drink areas.  


This new addition will allow for a ton of new seats, which will bring in more fans and create a more intense experience—something that Lambeau is already known for. According to ESPN The Magazine, since 2003, Lambeau Field has been ranked No. 1 in stadium experience.  If this addition goes through, the Packers organization will have no problem filling these seats.  Not to mention, Lambeau Field holds the record for Longest Continually Occupied NFL Stadium.

The additional seats are great news for those on the waiting list for coveted season tickets, which are so hard to come by.  With a waiting list of around 86,000 and an estimated turnover of around only 90 tickets every year, this expansion will bring in more people and help shorten that list. As it stands, you probably have a better chance of getting into the Playboy mansion than of getting to the top of this list.

Moreover, the Packers will also increase revenue.  Clearly, people are going to buy these tickets. Therefore, the Packers organization will be able to charge what they feel is a good price and, more importantly, will be making their money back.

Finally, by getting more fans into the stadium, the city of Green Bay will continue to flourish and grow.  Tourists will need a place to stay, as well as a place to eat or drink the sorrows of a loss away.  By adding more people to a bigger stadium, you open the doors for new businesses.



 The biggest negative for most people is likely this: Do you mess with something as historic as Lambeau Field?  Lambeau already underwent renovations in 1999-2000 and later in the 2000s. So, do you keep adding on to this historic stadium? Some feel doing so will take away from the historic feel of one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL.  The Packers' rival, the Chicago Bears, went through similar renovations that modernized Solider Field and took away from the history that the field had.  

The cost of tickets is another factor that could hurt this renovation.  The Packers organization suggested that the cheapest ticket in this new seating could be around $90, with a majority of these tickets being in the $130-$140 range.

The price of season tickets could be yet another factor. It was suggested that they may cost even more than the current season tickets.  The price could jump by $300,  which could affect the people who are on the waiting list but cannot afford such a price jump.

Overall, this decision will ultimately be up to the fans and shareholders.  In order to gauge fans' interest and how much they'd be willing to pay for tickets, about 30,000 season ticket holders and waiting-list members were emailed an online survey.  The vote is in their hands, and it will be interesting to see if people are opposed to changing the historic stadium or if they are all for it.  I would love to see some debates on this controversial topic.