New York Yankees: Jorge Posada Should Retire Right Now and Make Room

Perry ArnoldSenior Analyst IMay 9, 2011

The End of Posada's Career is Near
The End of Posada's Career is NearChris Trotman/Getty Images

What will New York Yankees fans carry as their last memories of Jorge Posada?

An argument is going on in the pages of Bleacher Report right now as to whether Posada deserves to have his number retired and have a plaque in Monument Park when he retires.

One must ask what his continuing to play will do to tarnish his image.

Look at Posada in the dugout now without his batting helmet off, and the first thing you notice is his gray hair.

Look at the stat sheet, and the first thing you notice is that Jorge has only 15 hits in 29 games this season. He is hitting .152.

At this very minute, Posada carries a .273 lifetime average and has hit 267 home runs.

For a catcher of his era, those are some very good numbers. He has been important for the Yankees over the past 13 seasons. 

But now, he may be a drag.

Until Eric Chavez went down with a minor fracture in his foot last week, there was growing discussion of inserting Chavez for Posada as the regular DH.

What will be the damage to Jorge's legacy if he plays this entire year, the Yankees fail to make the playoffs and he has 500 at-bats and his average is .207?

Posada will not be thought of as generously.

There are Yankee fans who think Jorge Posada has always caught for the New York Yankees.

He is referred to as part of the Core Four.

But if you had tuned in to Yankee broadcasts in the late '90s, you would have heard no one talking of Posada as a key player.

Even though he is always referred to as having won FIVE championships rings, in fact he was given the first one.

In 1996, Jorge Posada played in exactly eight regular season games for the Yankees, and he did not even make an appearance in the postseason as the Yankees won their first championship since 1978.

One really, really has to wonder why a player who had 15 plate appearances was given a WS ring.

Until 2000 Posada had never caught more than 109 games in a season.

It also must be said that Posada was always less than stellar defensively. Even that is generous.

His offense made up for his defense, but he was always a defensive liability.

Right now, Posada is just a liability, period.

It has been widely reported that one night last week, Posada went to manager Joe Girardi's office in the visiting clubhouse to thank Girardi for sticking with him.

At some point, if Posada continues to hit as he is right now, we would hope he could make another trip to Girardi's office, or to Brian Cashman's, to announce that he is going to retire.

In spring training, Posada openly said that if the Yankees did not re-sign him at the end of 2011 season, he would look for another team.

It is impossible to believe that any other team would look for Posada.

Just as a brave Lou Gehrig knew the end had come for him and went to Joe McCarthy and asked the skipper to take him out of the lineup, the time may have come for Jorge to ask the same.

If that time is not yet here, it may come soon.

Yankee fans are split on Posada.

Some really, really love him and want him enshrined in the pantheons of Yankee greats. Some even argue that he has had a Hall of Fame career.

Others looked at good offensive numbers and wanted more.

The fans who are in the former camp will love Jorge as long as they live.

Those in the latter camp now want to see a different bat come to the plate in the clutch.

There are farmhands in Scranton who deserve a chance.

There are bats on other teams that are already out of the race.

Let Jorge go now with grace.

It is time, or very close to time, for Jorge Posada to end his career with the New York Yankees.


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