Willie Randolph to Be a Washington National or a New York Yankee

Tanya MercadoCorrespondent IOctober 16, 2008

As I was listening to the Brandon Tierney show on 1050 ESPN radio, I heard him mention Willie Randolph.

It is being rumored that Willie could be taking calls from the Washington Nationals or the New York Yankees soon.

According to what he said, the Washington Nationals are interested in bringing Willie aboard to be either their bench or third base coach.

Talk about a demotion—to go from the Mets to the Nationals? Manny Acta did that, and it did not do him much good.

I was very curious about this. So I did a google search on it. The story is actually in Newsday.

The article mentioned that bringing in Willie would give the Nationals an alternative in managers, and should the team start off slow in 2009, they would fire Acta and place Randolph in the manager seat.

Tierney mentioned one more thing: Randolph might actually be going to the Bronx for a position with the New York Yankees—there's a shocker for you!

This would not surprise me.

Randolph has always considered Yankee Stadium his home. Once a Yankee, always a Yankee. Every time he goes to Yankee Stadium, he has tears in his eyes and he speaks of some “magical moment” he had there.

Willie! Are you crying? There's no crying in baseball!

All in all, if Randolph takes a coaching position, he's taking a step back. The point is to move forward—not backward.

Then again, look what it did for Jerry Manuel, he went from bench coach to manager. Who knows! It might work for Willie.

You can read the Newsday article here.