NFL Lockout: What's Going On?

Drew JacksonContributor IMay 8, 2011

I had been seeing a lot of articles around the Internet, although perhaps not specifically on Bleacher Report, about the lockout and how the player’s greed is to blame for everything that has transpired and that their decertification is the cause of much of the anguish that has been experienced by all those involved with the lockout including the fans.

My question is: what is going on with people and their information? I know a lot about the lockout at this point, and the entire thing was a cause of the NFL owners backing out on the CBA as a clause allowed them to do over a year ago.

This allowed the old CBA to expire in the first place leading to the situation we have now. The reason for exiting the old CBA? Simple, it was money 

They then asked for (more like demanded based on their reactions to its decline) an extra billion off the top from the players to cover “financial losses.” To which, the NFLPA never refused, but asked for access to the books to confirm losses in order to ensure they were not being lied to and stolen from.

The owners refused, essentially saying “No, trust us. We’re losing money and just want to make up for that.”

If someone you worked for came up and said, “Hey, the company is losing money so your pay is being reduced by a few dollars an hour.” Personally you would question it and more than likely get angry. But if that is said to all employees throughout the company, do you not think that someone, especially if you’re in a union, would ask to see proof of such losses?

The negotiations were not stalled by the players. They agreed with much of what the owners had to say regarding all except the money, the extended season and the further limitations on free agency for players.

Both of which seem fair. Players have agreed to add a slotting system for rookie wages, though the exact implementation is still being argued as far as I know.

All in all, the owners seem to be getting greedy, wanting more money from the people that sacrifice their bodies for their bank accounts (both sides).

The players are the modern day gladiators, warriors on the gridiron. Their careers are short lived. Do they deserve to make hundreds of millions of dollars during their careers? Probably not, but considering the lack of depth of talent and that only the elite make so much, probably.

Supply and demand would dictate that they make the money they do, and as far as greed, the players never asked for more than what was given already, they were fine with the old CBA (as stated before) and the owners are the ones that seem to be so intent on making more out of the NFL.

They have neglected the views of the fans and players and are only thinking of ways to pad their bank accounts.

To those that site the ungodly amounts of money that players make, think about this: the owners are billionaires! Along with that, think about the people that the owners are also effecting with the lockout, not just the players but the employees such as stadium workers and trainers that are losing jobs and money because of corporate greed.

The lockout needs to end, and both sides need to negotiate a long term solution, that much is clear. But should one feel inclined to look toward the players as the source of the problem be wary, because as you look away from them the owners will reach around, steal your wallet, car and house and then point the finger elsewhere.