MLB Trade Rumors: Are Detroit Tigers Landing Spot for Mets' Stars?

Zac JonesCorrespondent IMay 6, 2011

New uniforms this season?
New uniforms this season?Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Oh the Mets! Everyones favorite punch line in the city of New York. Hiding behind the Yankees shadow, and over spending on players who always seem to underachieve. Now we can't hide from the fact that injuries have played a major role, but the Mets are a clear cut example of what can go wrong, will go wrong.

So after the first 31 games of the season, the Mets are hanging out in last place in the NL East with a 13-18 record. Notorious for making big moves, the current situation makes me believe a trade is coming, and the Mets will be unloading some big name players.

When all else fails with trying to add big name player after big name player, you only have one option; rebuild. Yes, start all over.

Looking at some of the names on the roster, David Wright and Jose Reyes seem to be the two biggest trade pieces. But what about Carlos Beltrán? Having a no trade clause, it looks very unlikely the Mets will be able to deal him at this point. But with Wright and Reyes both being big names, and productive players while healthy, you can figure many teams will want to jump at the chance to add them to their team. Now, if I'm in the Mets shoes I'm drooling over the prospects I can get back.

For example, lets take a look at the Detroit Tigers. Ace Justin Verlander is 2-3 with a 3.75 ERA in seven starts. In all seven starts he's gone six innings, and hasn't gave up more than three runs in a single start this season. Why? Of those seven games the Tigers have failed to score more than three runs five times.

Maybe I'm being a bit biased, as the Tigers are my team, but when you look at the pieces the Tigers have to offer, it starts looking more and more realistic.

Here is the Tigers current situation: Detroit has good hitters, but are still one slugger away from being a playoff threat. GM Dave Dombrowski and owner Mike Ilitch both want to win now, and have shown to make moves leading to a late playoff run. The last two seasons have been highly unsuccessful when trying to add "role players," so why not go after a big name?

David Wright seems like the more logical choice. And when you see what Detroit has to offer, you understand why. Long time Tiger Brandon Inge's game is gone. Seemingly only on the team for one reason these days, his defense. Yet, after a slow start at the plate (.248 average, nine RBI) and a well below .951 fielding percentage, his time in Detroit just might be up.

Now for the pieces Detroit has to offer. You got to figure the Mets will be looking for a future third baseman to replace Wright, the Tigers are the perfect team. Bring in prospects Francisco Martinez and Nick Castellanos. While Martinez is more MLB ready right now, Castellanos has more upside for the future. Both are third basemen and both are in the top 5 of the Tigers top prospects.

So the way I'm thinking is, if I'm the Tigers, I offer Martinez or Castellanos, add in a top prospect and MLB ready left handed pitcher Andy Oliver, along with a guy like Jose Ortega, a right handed pitcher who looks to be a solid bullpen option in the future. All three are top 10 team prospects.

Now remember, this is just hypothetical, but it just shows what kind of pieces the Tigers have. As I said above, the Tigers are a team that wants to win now, and with Magglio Ordonez slumping the Tigers need another hitter somewhere in the 3-6 spot. Wright fits in perfectly.

Quickly, as for Reyes, I can't see the Tigers trying to add him. While they'd love to have the speedy infielder, the price would be too high for both. So I figure if they are both traded, they will go to separate teams.

Considering the Mets could get a package of future top prospects, it's not hard to believe Wright and Reyes could be rocking a new uniform sometime this season.

Written by Zac Jones. You can follow him on Twitter @ZroJones

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