Jimmy Clausen the Answer to the Quarterback Question in Miami

C. J. Krasyk@cfkrasyk2Correspondent IMay 6, 2011

Jimmy Clausen might be the guy that Miami needs.
Jimmy Clausen might be the guy that Miami needs.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The quarterback situation in Miami is anything but certain.

Few believe that Chad Henne is the answer. Many believe that they should have used a draft pick on a quarterback.

Yes, there were a few possibilities in the draft like Ryan Mallet, who they had the best shot at, should have been tabbed at for the answer to the question.

But now that the draft is over and free agency has yet to open because of the lock out where do the Dolphins go? Well that answer is simple they have to wait for the lock out to end before they can address the issue.

There are some nice names on the market but no real permanent answer. Vince Young could not do it in Tennessee.

Carson Palmer will probably not be available even though the Bengals have their quarterback of the future. Marc Bulger is over his prime and not even close to a permanent solution. Same can be said with Matt Hasslebeck.

Which brings me to my question: Is Jimmy Clausen the answer?

Yes I know that he is a punk and there are multiple reports that he did not get along with guys in the locker room even at Notre Dame.

Yes he looked like crap in his brief playing time in Carolina. I am not even a fan of Clausen and thought he got way too much press for a guy that did very very little.

But should we dismiss a guy that was taught by Charlie Weis. The man that made Tom Brady… well Tom Brady. Yes, Brady had a lot of tools and game when he got drafted in the seventh round but need some refining.

Yes, Weis also took Brady Quinn under his wing and he has been a huge bust in the NFL but not sure that is Weis' fault. Quinn was always over hyped and valued.

So if you are Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins brass, does it really hurt to call Carolina up and see what it would take to trade for him?

He may not be the answer but obviously staying put with Henne is not it either.