Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Trade Targets To Shore Up Feeble Outfield

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IMay 6, 2011

Philadelphia Phillies: 10 Trade Targets To Shore Up Feeble Outfield

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    Despite a hot start by the Phillies this season, all good things come with flaws.

    After Philadelphia gave up their starting right fielder Jayson Werth, they have lost a solid, everyday outfielder.

    Ben Francisco has stepped in and so has Dominic Brown. Francisco has done a good job and I really like him, but maybe he is just not the right guy to have be that everyday starter. Brown is also hurt and still very young.

    Plus, Raul Ibanez's time is starting to come to an end.

    When trade talk starts to come around, the Phillies always seem to put their foot in the door for someone and we never know what Ruben Amaro has in store for this season.

    So the following players on this list are possible targets that the Phillies may go after. Some are much more likely than others while some have extremely little chance.

Michael Cuddyer

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    Michael Cuddyer is definitely a big reach. He has been with Minnesota his entire career and the fans love him there.

    Plus, he is getting old and is starting to play more in the infield. However, Cuddyer has made a cold start this season which is the main reason why I think the Twins may be flexible with him. In fact, he's hitting just .230.

    Cuddyer could add some nice power to the lineup, but acquiring him is a long shot.

Hunter Pence

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    This is more of a fantasy option that I just wanted to throw out there. I mean, what's trade talk about the Phillies when Ed Wade's Astros are not involved?

    Pence is a young player who is on the rise that would be a great replacement for Jayson Werth.

    He has hit 25 home runs consistently in his past three seasons and always gets close to that 100 RBI mark. If he came here and kept up those numbers, it would feel like Werth never left. 

Juan Rivera

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    Juan Rivera isn't a name known by many, but he is a solid outfielder and may be a player the Phillies will look at.

    Rivera spent the majority of his career with the Angels where he did a good job. I don't think he is a No. 1 option for Philly, but I feel like he could be a name that pops up into discussion.

Ryan Ludwick

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    Ryan Ludwick is another guy whom I don't think will draw a lot of interest, but may come up in discussion.

    Ludwick is off to a slow start and has not been able to hit for average since he was with the Cardinals. The only way I see the Phillies acquiring him is for a temporary option.

Jeff Francoeur

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    I've never liked Jeff Francoeur, but the Phillies have drawn interest in him before the season started. Francoeur, who is still just 27, is off to a hot start hitting with a .305 batting average.

    He has a lot of experience in the NL East and I think he would do a solid job.

    If Francoeur keeps this up, the Phillies will be more and more interested in him. 

Josh Willingham

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    Josh Willingham was overlooked when he played with the Nationals until he went to the Oakland Athletics where he has hit an off start.

    Willingham was successful in the NL East and I think he would be very successful in a hitter's park, especially the fact that he is a power hitter.

    Despite his cold start, I think the Phillies will look at him as a higher target than the others if they go shopping for outfielders.

Jason Kubel

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    Jason Kubel would be great here, but I think this is a long shot. 

    Kubel is off to a great start hitting .350. In his past three seasons, he has eclipsed 20 home runs and is consistently high in the RBI category.

    Kubel is the Twins starting right fielder and they like him a lot, so he would be very difficult to acquire.

Colby Rasmus

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    Colby Rasmus is just 24 and would be a great young player to try and snag. Rasmus is off to a good start hitting with a .303 average.

    If the Phillies went after Rasmus, they would clearly have to give up one of their young outfielders, so it would essentially be youth for youth, or the Phillies might even have to throw in Brad Lidge since the Cardinals are looking for a closer.

    Rasmus is the starting center fielder for them and occasionally plays in right. He's very valuable to St. Louis so it will be hard to get him. 

Kosuke Fukudome

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    Kosuke Fukudome is 34, but is in his fourth year in the league. Call him old, but he has started this season with a .358 batting average.

    Fukudome obviously would not be a long-term option for the Phillies, but instead a one- or two-year guy to fill in for Ibanez and help us win now.

    Once his small one- or two-year stint here is finished, we will really see a great amount of playing time from guys like John Mayberry Jr. and Dominic Brown.

Bobby Abreu

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    OK, I know this isn't likely to happen, but how awesome would this be?

    Abreu is 37 years old, yet still finds a way to hit over 20 home runs and close to 100 RBIs every year. To be honest, I think Abreu would be very interested to come back here, but in reality there are probably better options than him.

    Still, if Abreu retired as a Phillie it would be amazing.