MLB Trade Rumors: Who the Phillies Might Trade for to Help the Offense

Sheik Meah@sheikstylesContributor IIIMay 4, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: Who the Phillies Might Trade for to Help the Offense

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    Although the Phillies have the best record in the National League and are only one game back from having the best record in baseball, Phillie Phandom still has a lot of worry—especially about the offense. A team that was once known for its amazing hitting ability has now been known to do a disappearing act for games at a time. So, many Phillies fans are now calling on GM Ruben Amaro Jr. to make a trade to help the team.

    Although the farm system isn't as rich as it was two years ago, and the payroll is very high, I've been able to come up with five possible players the Phillies might be able to acquire.

5) Pittsburg Pirates: Garrett Jones

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    If the Phillies could pull this off it would be a great move. He'll be turning 30 in June, and is currently batting .266 with six home runs and 12 RBI. And you can always count on the Pirates to have a fire sale to get rid of some players. Plus, with Clint Hurdle at the helm, the Pirates are trying to get younger. Add in the fact that he is making close to league minimum this year, and you have a very good fit for the Phillies.

4) Chicago White Sox: Carlos Quentin

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    Hard hittin' Carlos Quentin would be great in the Phillies outfield, and may be more available than you would think. Quentin did turn down a four-year contract extension over the winter, and the Chi-Sox are in the basement of their division. He turns 29 in August and makes $5.5 million this year.

    He is eligible for arbitration next year, and would be a free agent in 2013, which would be perfect timing for a guy like Dominic Brown to step in. With a 276 batting average and 17 RBI already, it would be nice to see him batting behind Ryan Howard, helping to bring the Phils back to the well-oiled machine they once were.

3) Texas Rangers: Michael Young

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    This is the guy that all Phillies fans are calling for. And why not?

    He's batting .339 and has 24 RBI. Not to mention, he plays second base, which the Phillies need major help at. But with Young doing so well, the asking price might be way too high for the Phillies to match.

    With a three-year, $48 million contract, combined with the fact he will turn 35 before the World Series and Chase Utley coming back, it is very unlikely the Phillies will see Michael Young suit up for them.

2) Houston Astros: Carlos Lee

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    As we get into trades that are more likely to happen, we will see players who wouldn't excite the Phillies fanbase for more than half of a season. Carlos Lee fits perfectly into that mold.

    He is only batting .207 with three home runs, but he does have 18 RBI on this young season, and he would provide protection for Ryan Howard in the lineup. Not to mention, his huge contact expires next year, and he can play the outfield as well as first base.

    The Phillies' old friend Ed Wade would love to get rid of Carlos, and they would love to have the threat of another big bat. So, it seems like a good match.

1) San Francisco Giants: Pat Burrell

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    I can hear the whines now: Not him again!

    But this may be the best match for the Phillies and the most likely thing to happen. His .226 average and eight RBI don't seem like much, but with five home runs and a one-year, $1 million contract, this could be exactly what the Phillies need.

    Not to mention, he is very familiar with Citizens Bank Park and the team. So you wouldn't have to worry about how he would mesh with everyone.

    With a huge payroll and the best starting rotation in baseball, the most likely scenario for the Phillies would be for them not to make a move at all. Ryan Howard does lead baseball in RBI, and Ben Francisco does have 18 RBI with a .257 average. So, they may just hang their hat on that.

    Regardless of what happens, this season is already interesting only one month in.