Green Bay Packers Draft Pick Randall Cobb Primed for Strong Rookie Campaign

Ryan SternContributor IMay 4, 2011

The swift Randall Cobb will be a rookie to watch going into the 2011 season
The swift Randall Cobb will be a rookie to watch going into the 2011 seasonAndy Lyons/Getty Images

As the glitz and glamor of the first round of the NFL draft passed, many talented players waited anxiously as they watched their peers get selected. By the waning picks of the second round, only the electric Randall Cobb sat painstakingly in the green room at Radio City Music Hall as the Packers announced his name for the 64th pick of the draft.

For Cobb, the undersized but lightning quick receiver out of Kentucky, the long wait only adds to the intrigue of his illustrious and versatile college career. Starting at three positions for the Wildcats in his three-year career, Cobb gained a cult following amongst SEC fans largely based off the Kentucky Wildcat's spin-off of the Dolphins' famed Wildcat offense known as the "WildCobb."

His quick cuts, sure hands, exceptional vision, breakaway speed and the occasional touchdown pass drew the eyes of many NFL teams and fans alike. With his skill, along with the emergence of quick, versatile receivers such as Desean Jackson and Devin Hester, Randall Cobb would have been a great addition to ANY team.

With Randall Cobb's unquestioned skill sitting in the green room as the second round neared to a close, the Packers found themselves in an enviable position. For a team with talented young pass catchers such as Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finely, along with the veteran presence of Donald Driver, receiver may not seem like the biggest need, but with the potential departure of free agent-to-be James Jones along with the Packers penchant for spreading the field four or five receivers wide, receiver was near the top of the Packers wish list. By picking Cobb, the team added another valuable weapon to its deep and established arsenal.

Cobb's versatility affords him the chance to have an immediate effect on the Packers (not so) special teams (ranked 26th by Football Outsiders), while his above average route running skills and football IQ will allow him to be installed as a slot receiver or even third down back occasionally. Commonly viewed as a finesse team, Packers GM Ted Thompson acknowledges Randall Cobb's limitations as a 5'11", 188 lbs pinball but is understandably excited about Cobb's potential.

With the help of Mike McCarthy's imaginative play calling, and Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers delivering the ball, Cobb could be in line to compare Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Week awards with former award winners and teammates Clay Matthews and AJ Hawk. As the Packers illustrated in their Super Bowl run last year, depth is important in today's NFL, and the addition of the thrilling Randall Cobb to this deep team is truly a case of the rich getting richer.