MLB Trade Rumors: 9 Hot Targets Who Won't Be Going Anywhere

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IMay 3, 2011

MLB Trade Rumors: 9 Hot Targets Who Won't Be Going Anywhere

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    As we all know, there will be those teams who come to a fork in the road as the trade deadline nears.

    These teams are on the cusp of either being contenders or pretenders.

    That said, choosing the right path will determine their fate post-trade deadline, so getting player to bandage the exposed flaw is crucial.

    However, there's always going to be speculation and sometimes, well, the trade doesn't pan out at all.

    So, as we near the deadline, these next nine players may appear on Baseball Tonight in the trade discussion segment.

    But, when the deadline passes, they will not have moved on. Check it out.

Grady Sizemore: CF, Cleveland Indians

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    2011 STATS


    RBI: Nine

    HITS: 17

    HOMERUNS: Four

    After coming off his injury, Grady Sizemore has exploded onto the scene.

    The reason why him being traded is reasonable though, is because the Tribe have traded away talent like him before (i.e. Victor Martinez, C.C. Sabathia, Casey Blake, Cliff Lee etc...)

    However, that won't happen in 2011 as Cleveland needs him to keep rolling.  

Andre Ethier: RF, Los Angeles Dodgers

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    2011 STATS


    RBI: 16

    HITS: 42

    HOMERUNS: Three

    For what everything the Dodgers have gone through to this point financially, it wouldn't be a surprise if they tried to make some deals to save some money.

    Andre Ethier would definitely be of interest to a few teams, but with up-state rival San Francisco struggling, L.A. has a chance to focus on the Rockies.

    And, keeping Ethier will only maintain that opportunity.

Carlos Lee: LF, Houston Astros

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    2011 STATS


    RBI: 18 

    HITS: 23 

    HOMERUNS: Three

    Despite the horrendous batting average, Carlos Lee still ranks second on the team in HRs and RBI.

    That said, with the Astros in last place of the NL Central, teams could be looking to deal for Lee since he can drive in the base-runners.

    However, in being in last place, Houston is only 4.5 games out of first, so retaining Lee will enhance the probability of that mid-season run needed to catch the contenders of now.

Mike Pelfrey: SP, New York Mets

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    2011 STATS

    RECORD: 1-3

    ERA: 7.39


    INNINGS: 28.0

    Last season Pelfrey gave the Mets over 200 innings worth of work and record of 15-9 with a 3.66 ERA.

    So, the fact that he's struggling can be given a little slack as the Mets No. 1 pitcher.

    Now, since he's their top guy on the mound, with the Mets at the bottom of the NL East, it wouldn't be a surprise if someone made a deal for him.

    But, he's young and sometimes you just got to work through the rough patches.

    That said, Pelfrey remains a Met.

Michael Young: 3B, Texas Rangers

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    2011 STATS


    RBI: 23

    HITS: 39


    Even though he has a meaty contract that scared some teams away when he said he wanted a trade, Michael Young is still worth the dough.

    As evidence by his stats, those teams still interested may now even have a more difficult time dealing for him.

    Combine that he's still playing well, even without Josh Hamilton, the Rangers can't lose another perennial All-Star like Michael Young.

Prince Fielder: 1B, Milwaukee Brewers

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    2011 STATS


    RBI: 26

    HITS: 34


    The Brew Crew is once again around the .500 mark.

    2008 was the only exception as they finished 90-72, but lost in the NLDS.

    So, now with Cincinnati fighting with St. Louis for the division, it only makes it that much difficult for the Brewers to win it.

    So, to the teams that are interested and that plan on making a deal to Milwaukee, save it because Prince Fielder isn't moving.

Matt Capps: RP, Minnesota Twins

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    2011 STATS

    SAVES: Four

    ERA: 3.55


    INNINGS: 12.2

    Currently stricken by the injury bug, the Minnesota Twins are way behind this season.

    So, have they packed it in already, despite only being in early May?

    Well, if they receive a deal for Mike Capps and go through with it then maybe so.

    Except, the Twins need Capps especially since he leads them in saves.

Kyle Farnsworth: RP, Tampa Bay Rays

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    2011 STATS

    SAVES: Five

    ERA; 0.90


    INNINGS: 10.0

    Nine times since his rookie season has Kyle Farnsworth switched teams.

    So, just by the law of probabilities, doesn't that reduce the chance of him being trade discussion for this year?

    In any event, after the Rays slow start they have regathered and Farnsworth has been dominant.

    To keep pace with the Yankees, there's no need for Tampa to trade him.

Ryan Doumit: C, Pittsburgh Pirates

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    2011 STATS


    RBI: Five

    HITS: 12


    In recent years the Pittsburgh Pirates have been known to trade away some good, young talent.

    Not to mention they've been awful in the wins department.

    But, the Pirates are off to one of their better starts in recent memory, so trading away a player like Ryan Doumit seems inconceivable.