2011 Fantasy MLB News and Notes: Buying, Selling and Holding the "Stars"

Mike HarrisContributor IMay 2, 2011

CINCINNATI - SEPTEMBER 12:  Drew Stubbs #6 of  the Cincinnati Reds is at bat during the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates at Great American Ballpark on September 12, 2010 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It's been nearly a month since our final post on Brian Matusz, so I'd like to review where we're at as we enter May and give you my opinion on buying, selling or holding my "September Stars."


Drew Stubbs

Unfortunately, in the series infancy I did not project Drew Stubbs' 2011 season. For what it's worth, I had him down for the following heading into my draft based on the research in the Stubbs article: .255/90/25/75/30

Drew Stubbs through April: .266/21/5/13/10

Drew Stubbs extrapolated 2011: .266/126/30/78/60

Research concern: BABIP

Stubbs currently owns a .338 batting average on balls in play which is right in line with his career average, leading me to believe the average is fine.

Conclusion: I noted that Stubbs can be very streaky and frustrating, but we have yet to experience either just yet. Obviously, a 2011 close to the extrapolation would easily be a top player heading into 2012 drafts. 

Buy, sell or hold? Hold


Ryan Raburn

My projection/s:
Ceiling: .290/80/25/80/5
Floor: .270/65/20/65/2

Ryan Raburn through April: .253/14/4/14/0

Ryan Raburn extrapolated 2011: .253/84/24/84/0

Research concern: Playing time

Has started 23 of 28 Tiger games in 2011. He should get to 500 at-bats per my article.

Conclusion: His batting average on balls in play looks healthy and his line-drive rate is up. My only concern is his strikeout rate, but recently he is hitting a lot better as he's also been receiving more playing time. The caveat!

Buy, sell or hold? Buy 


Logan Morrison(Injuredapparently due back May 5th)

My projection: .295/85/10/75/80BB/0

Logan Morrison through April (15 games): .327/8/4/11/10/1

Logan Morrison extrapolated 2011: .327/88/44/121/110/11

Research concern: HR/AB

I mentioned that if he maxes out at three percent, you'll likely get a 20-homer player. Right now LoMo is at seven percent.

Conclusion: Hard to tell what LoMo is going to do when he comes off the disabled list. It's a shame since he was scorching hot before getting injured. Do not expect the extrapolated stats, but it appears  that, if healthy, Morrison is going to have a season superior to my projection. The steals are an added bonus!

Buy, sell or hold? Buy


Mike Aviles

My projection: .325/100/15/50/25

Mike Aviles through April: .250/10/5/21/6

Mike Aviles extrapolated 2011: .250/60/30/126/36

Research concern: GB/FB/LD & BABIP

Aviles currently has a .233 batting average on balls in play, which is more than 100 points lower than where it should be. His line-drive rate is very low and his flyball rate rate is very high.

Conclusion: Expect his batting average on balls in play to come up and his line drive and flyball rates to even out. If he does not return to the lead-off spot for good, don't expect his runs to approach the 100 I projected. That means you put the difference into his run-RBI totals.

Buy, sell or hold? Buy


Daniel Hudson

My projection: 14-10/3.75/1.15/185

Daniel Hudson through April: 2-4/5.30/1.37/37

Daniel Hudson extrapolated 2011: 10-20/5.30/1.37/185

Research concern: FB and LOB percentage

Hudson currently owns a flyball percentage of 41, which is an improvement over his 45 percent from 2010 but still a little higher than I'd like to see. However, it is good to see him lowering it. His strand rate sits at 58.9 percent which is super low, considering he was at 83.1 percent last season. 

Conclusion: His strand rate will rise, which will do wonders for his ERA. Furthermore, his tERA currently stands at 3.29 which signals he is pitching much better than the results show. Don't expect him to get many wins—maybe 14 was even a stretch on my part—but the strikeouts are legit.

Buy, sell or hold? Strong buy


Madison Bumgarner

My projection: 13-10/3.25/1.20/155

Madison Bumgarner through April: 0-4/6.17/1.76/16

Madison Bumgarner extrapolated 2011: 0-24/6.17/1.76/96

Research concern: BB and LD percentage

Well, MadBum pretty much didn't read my article on him. Maybe he did before his last start, but he is certainly not limiting the walks and line drives. His walks per nine innings have jumped from 2.11 last year to 4.24 this year. His line-drive percentage has jumped from 16.9 to 24.1.

Conclusion: If you look at his velocity, it has actually increased. Remember last year when he could not find his velocity in the minors? When he did, he started his accent to the majors. His swing percentages are in line with last season's and his FIP currently stands at 4.14. Not great, but if his last start is any indication, expect his ERA and WHIP to start correcting.

Buy, sell or hold? Weak buy (For what it's worth, I just picked him up.) 


Brian Matusz

My projection: 14-10/4.00/1.25/160

Brian Matusz through April: Has not pitched, but the Orioles hope to have him back by June 1st.

Brian Matusz extrapolated 2011: N/A

Research Concern: WHIP, FB and LOB percentage

Conclusion: N/A

Buy, sell or hold? N/A


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