The Pacman Cometh

Scott RiversContributor IOctober 13, 2008

TADAH! It's gone!!! It appears the Joker has worked his magic again Adam Jones' memory is; gone. The contriteness and repentance he so eloquently expressed after his one year suspension was very short lived.

In spite of the Cowboys attempt to extricate Pacman from all conflictive situations, Mr. Jones has found a way to mess with that; fight the guy who is there to keep you from fighting.

The Cowboys had successfully kept the troubled star away from trouble by limiting his contact with the outside world, but it appears that in the case of Pacman "If the mountain won't come to Mohammed, then Mohammed will come to the mountain".

After some "friendly" hustling and tussling, things got out of hand and Pacman decided to get on his bodyguard's grill, no matter how much Cowboy ownership tries to explain it away.

This is Pacman, a man who should know his leeway is now zero, zilch. One more strike and he is out, but appears this simple truth has not registered in his mind. He is still the kid who believes his prowess on the field entitles him to behave as he likes.

Soon the Cowboys will come to the realization the league and the Titans came to; there is no reason or rhyme to the Pacman, he is just an angry individual out to extract his revenge on the world.

He is a man on a mission; to make somebody pay for his anger. I just hope that when Pacman's final show down is here, and it is time to pay the bills, he and others will live to see a happy ending., a leading online sportsbook based out of Costa Rica has come up with a list of propositions on what the future holds for the Pacman.

Will any of the following happen to Pacman Jones before 12/31/09?

He will be banned from the NFL for life20/1
He will prosecuted for a crime2/1
He will be caught throwing punches at a mirror80/1
He will join Rodman and start a Chip and Dale club100/1
He will buy a Strip joint5/1
He will call league Com. Goodell "El Diablo"20/1
He will win League MVP150/1
He will record 3 or more INT's in one game4/1
He will record 2 or more Sacks in one game4/1
He will become a spokesman for BetSportsWeb.com150/1
None of the above will occur before 12/31/091/10

Note only unassisted Sacks count for proposition

by Scott Rivers