2011 NFL Draft Results: Why Andy Dalton Was Cincinnati's Best Pick Yet

Quinton StatenContributor IApril 29, 2011

Andy Dalton's a winner, but can he bring some of that winning to the Queen City?
Andy Dalton's a winner, but can he bring some of that winning to the Queen City?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

With Carson Palmer all but gone from the organization, the Bengals were in need of a QB bad.

Unfortunately, this year's draft held a very weak class of quarterbacks, where the top-rated quarterback was a one-hit wonder with very raw talents.

With this problem, the Bengals could have panicked like say the Minnesota Vikings and took a quarterback way above his value level, but they went out and got a wide-out in the first round to help out the QB they would eventually take in Andy Dalton.

Andy Dalton is the best pick Cincy could have made. Andy brings toughness to the quarterback position. He is 42-7 as a starter at TCU and has proven he is a winner.

Now while he may not have the skills that Carson Palmer had coming out, he will provide the leadership that Carson seemed to lack.

Not only will Andy bring intangibles to this football team, but he will also have plenty of help with proven young talent on this offense.

With wide receivers like Jordan Shipley, Andre Caldwell, Jerome Simpson and now A.J. Green to throw to, and running backs like Cedric Benson and Bernard Scott to handle the back-field, Dalton has a chance to revive this offense to the level it was not even six years.

That's not to mention he has one of the tougher defenses in the NFL, which will help him tremendously.

If the Bengals can fix up their offensive line, form a consistent pass-rush and re-sign Joseph, they may be able to fight for a wild card in the upcoming season or two.

One thing is for sure, Andy Dalton will be the best value pick of the Bengals's 2011 Draft class.