NFL Draft 2011: Buccaneers Get Their Butt-Kicking Rambo

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IApril 29, 2011

Adrian Clayborn gets props from The Commish.
Adrian Clayborn gets props from The Commish.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

It sure sounds like Adrian Clayborn is coming to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to kick ass and chew gum and he's flat-out ran out of gum.

Raheem Morris calls him "Rambo."

Mark Dominik calls him "a finisher."

The 20th pick of the NFL draft, the new defensive stud of the stable, perhaps summed it up best:

"If you're not playing violent on the defensive line, then something is very wrong with you."

Ah, no wonder this former Iowa Hawkeye is now a Buccaneer.

"Violence" is Raheem Morris' buzz-word. Raheem wants "violence" on his defense.

Now we have, as Clayborn himself describes himself, "a defensive end who gets after the quarterback and kicks offensive linemen's asses."

Yes, Adrian, and don't forget to manhandle some ball carriers in addition to all that ass-kicking.

Clayborn said he wanted to be a Buc from the start, said his visit here was his best and it seems the Buccaneer hierarchy feels the same way.

It took a flurry of quarterbacks taken early in the first round to get the big fella down to the 20th spot and you wonder what might have happened had the Giants not swiped Prince Amukamara with the 19th pick.

Cameron Jordon was sitting there, and there were probably a lot of folks thinking the Bucs might call his name.

Didn't happen.

"Everybody in the building thought he was the perfect fit for the Bucs," is how Dominik summed up this selection. And like we said before, who wouldn't trust the judgement of Mark Dominik and his staff?

Clayborn is not without some concerns.

He has suffered from Erb's Palsy, a condition that can cause paralysis of the arm. He does have one arm longer than the other. It's caused by an injury to the group of the arm's main nerves, often caused from difficulty in childbirth.

He's in good company though, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Martin Sheen had it and they seemed to do fine, although they weren't asked to play in the NFL.

No doubt the Bucs did their homework on the condition and have no qualms.

Clayborn did have a problem a while back.

Had a run-in with a cabbie. Sound familiar?  He was arrested on assault charges and later the case was bargained. His coach, Kirk Ferentz, was adamant that Clayborn was not in the wrong, that it was totally out of character and actually referred to the incident as "spit in the ocean."

Again, after the ongoing exploits of Aqib Talib, you know Clayborn was cross-examined in face-to-face interviews about that and the Bucs must have liked the way he handled the situation.

Don't look for a tall, angular edge rusher in this guy.

"He may not be your protoypical looking defensive end," is how Dominik explains it. "But I'm not looking for prototypical. I'm looking for production and he gives that every day."

So you see, he's not a Simeon Rice kinda guy. But then Rice didn't know what a ball carrier looked like—he never got close to one.

And then there's Raheem's praise and the R-word.

"We felt we got a guy we consider a Rambo-type of guy. He plays tough and physical against the run."

So perhaps, just perhaps, we might channel John Rambo, from the first Rambo movie when he put the local sheriff in a headlock, deep in the woods, held the big knife to his throat and uttered these famous words:

"Let it go, let it go or I'll give you a war you won't believe."

So welcome Adrian Clayborn, Raheem Morris' ass-kicking, run stopping version of John Rambo.

Yo Adrian.


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