NFL Trade Rumors: Does A.J. Green Close the Book on Chad Ochocinco?

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IJanuary 16, 2017

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 28:  NFL Commissioner ROger Goodell poses for a photo with A.J. Green, #4 overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals, as Green holds up a jersey during the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall on April 28, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
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Chad Ochocinco May Have Played His Last Game In Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted wide receiver A.J. Green and sent a message to Chad Ochocinco his services no longer are a necessity to winning.

Ochocinco has been making a lot of noise this offseason and a war of words has erupted between himself and Head Coach Marvin Lewis. By drafting Green, the Bengals are signaling the team is moving forward, and Ochocinco most likely will not be a part of it.


“I love Cincy,but coach Lewis is mean to me now so I think I am gone,” Ochocinco tweeted. “He has gone over board to publicly chastize the one guy who loves him i’m so hurt. . . . y’all ever lost somebody you felt was close to u but they flip on you without giving u the script.Marvin Lewis hurt my feelings.”

Ochocinco always has been a self-centered, spoiled athlete, but this text really shows just how immature and coddled he is.

He has no idea what real bosses in the real world are like. Lewis was being nice. I have had bosses who treated me much worse than Lewis and I was making far less.

Ochocinco's production has dropped and the team is having a youth movement, so his time in Cincinnati is coming to and end.

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Plus, while Owner Mike Brown talks about keeping Carson Palmer and doing what he has to do to make Palmer happy, not one word has been said about Ochocinco.

With Green, the Bengals get a fresh start with the best receiver in the draft.

The problem now is they need a quarterback who can get him the ball, and if Palmer is gone, that becomes a huge question mark for the team.

The Bengals are moving forward, but the next step is not only making sure Green is put in the right situation, it is making sure the entire offense is in a good situation and not scrambling.

Whether the Bengals draft a quarterback in Round 2 or not, the Palmer question must be answered within the next week, especially if there is another court decision resulting in a resumption of the lockout.

The Bengals need to either get through to Palmer or move on, they can not let this decision linger through the summer, or they can bring back Jerry Rice in his prime and it will not make one bit of difference.