Chicago Bears Insider: Another Draft Like1983?

Bryan DietzlerSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2011

4 Sep 1988: Defensive lineman Richard Dent of the Chicago Bears (center) works against the Miami Dolphins during a game at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears won the game, 34-7.
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I am sure that there are many of you out there that remember the draft that the Chicago Bears had back in 1983.  That draft can be directly linked to the foundation that the Bears had for their Super Bowl winning team back in 1985 and produced some of the best players in football history.

Who were some of those great players?  They included offensive tackle Jim Covert, wide receiver Willie Gault, safety Dave Duerson, offensive guard Tom Thayer, defensive end Richard Dent and offensive guard Mark Bortz.

That draft was the best in Bears' history and could be discussed as one of the best in NFL history. 

Will the Bears ever see another draft class like that?  Do the Bears have the talent in the management staff to recognize the players that will be good fits and eventually lead them to a Super Bowl victory?

Can Chicago ever draft well enough to get themselves to the Super Bowl?

The Bears have the opportunity in this week’s 2011 NFL Draft to draft the final pieces of the puzzle that they need to finish up their run to the Super Bowl and make this coming season (or the season afterwards) rewarding.  They have some of these pieces in place on both offense and defense, but need just a few more to push them over the top.

Can the Bears use this draft to do that?

They can if they are diligent in this draft and if they draft smart.

The Bears needs are easy to see. They need help on both the offensive and defensive lines, outside linebacker and some depth at cornerback.  Of course, they also need some help at the wide receiver position and may want to draft a developmental player at the quarterback position.

If the Bears can take care of the needs that are most pressing (on the offensive line in particular) then they will have that strong foundation that may enable them to get to the Super Bowl.  They aren’t as far away as everyone thinks that they are and with a good draft, things could be very good for the Bears in 2011.

The Bears have been using free agency as a point to build on over the past few years and have had some pretty good success there but they may or may not be free agency this season.  As a result, the Bears need to make this draft count and get the players that they need to fill those positions that they are weak in and get some depth in other positions.  Yes, it will be hard with just six picks in this year’s draft, but with good evaluation and some luck, the Bears will be able to make this draft a productive one.

But Chicago fans and local media members don’t seem to have a lot of faith in the brain trust that will be running this year’s draft.  General Manager Jerry Angelo has been the main player behind the draft in the past and what’s changed this year is that he is bringing in his friend (and former Seattle Seahawks general Manager) Tim Ruskell in to help him draft.  Will things be better or will they be the same? 

Will they be worse?

It will be interesting to see how they both conduct this draft and whether or not they are capable of filling the needs that they have on the team.  They absolutely have to find some offensive line help and they need one more solid guy in that defensive tackle rotation.  Hopefully they realize this and are able to get the talent that they need.

So get ready Bears fans.  The biggest football event of the offseason is upon us and it’s time to see if the Bears are ready, willing and able to improve this team and take the next steps successfully.