Wanted: Anyone Who Will Coach the Atlanta Falcons

Geoff OliphantContributor IJanuary 16, 2008

A year ago it looked like the Atlanta Falcons were finally about to put the pieces together and become a championship team. Newly-hired head coach and offensive guru Bobby Petrino was going to turn Mike Vick into an actual quarterback.

As we all know, things didn't quite work out to plan. 

Vick is in jail, and Petrino abandoned the horrendous Falcons after just 13 games as head coach. After a forgettable season, the Falcons are left looking in the mirror and realizing they have no offense, no defense, and most importantly... no coach. 

The real question is not who will be the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons, but why would anyone take the job?

It seems to me that coaching the Falcons is more like coaching suicide than a good opportunity. Their most recent coaches, Jim Mora Jr. and Bobby Petrino, can attest to this. 

Mora lasted for a while in Atlanta but was prematurely fired because he couldn't win a meaningful game in the second half of the season. Petrino, as mentioned before, was gone after 13 games. 

Mora was at least given some talent on his team during his tenure in Atlanta. Most importantly, he had Mike Vick. Petrino had nothing, and once he realized it, he wisely jumped on a bus and fled town. 

Next year's Falcons don't seem to have any more talent then they had this year. So to sum it up, my advice to Jason Garret or any other candidates for the job: Do what Pete Carroll did and stay where you are. Even an assistant coaching job is better than committing coaching suicide in Atlanta.

The Falcons are heading nowhere, and fast. The poor man that takes over that position will be either kicked out or flee town within two years. Maybe the Falcons should just concede all their games until Vick gets out of jail and then try to rebuild from there.

As ridiculous as it sounds, it may be their best option.