Back To The Future: The Boras Factor, Death of The Twins, & The Real Jordan

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IOctober 11, 2008


If you have been hitting the Google search engine over the last few days, you have probably noticed that Google is celebrating their 10th year anniversary, and I've learned none of us are required to bring gifts! I am relieved I don't have to buy something, since the Dow Jones laughed at me earlier when I asked about my financial future, and I can't seem to fit the Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD into my computer screen ( I never said I was rich or smart ).

But what Google has offered for their users, is the ability to search their engine from ten years ago. This is such an awesome feature that the thought sends a tiny glistening tear off my right eye. And a quick wipe off my cheek so I don't lose my macho-persona.

Now, I can travel to the early days of the 2001 World Wide Web where Britney Spears, Creed, and Robbie Williams were actually respected as musicians ( somewhat ), people were unaware of anyone with the name Obama or even Osama, and the Yankees were not aware their dynastic doom to the hands of Craig Counsell and Luis Gonzalez.

Without further ado, let's hit the time machine and gather some articles from the years that were:

( Read articles first then come back to the article. Unless you have a fettish for listening to only one side of a phone conversation. )


Sox Cover Bases: Make Plans In Case They Lose Ramirez (Boston Herald, Dec. 2000)

Connections: Red Sox, Indians, Chicago Cubs, Manny Ramirez, Sammy Sosa, Dan Duquette, Mets, Jimy Williams

  • What is crazy about the article is that the money swirling around Ramirez hadn't even reached $150 million yet, and the Red Sox were beginning to lose hope in signing him. Red Sox fans should be thanking Duquette as well as Epstein & Lucchino for those World Series titles. But hey, Manny was schmuck who won a World Series MVP for a team that didn't win it for eight decades. If only the Cubs were so lucky to have such a poison in the clubhouse...
  • Wow, where the f&%k is Jimy Williams? I remember when he got fired, and the team lost somewhere around 50 straight games with Joe Kerrigan. Williams will be remembered for the quickest pulling of starters in baseball. Rumor has it, that he once pulled a pitcher for sneezing twice and stepping off the mound from from the stretch.
  • Sammy Sosa to the Sox? Goddamn it, Boston fans have morals and standards of professionalism! We only take interest in wife beaters ( Wil Cordero, Julio Lugo, Barry Bonds ) and players who dog it for two seasons ( Randy Moss ). I digress; Sammy for Nixon would've been one for the ages.



How WIll JD Drew Be Remembered? (The, September 1998)

Connections: Phillies, Cardinals, Red Sox, Diamonbacks, Dodgers, Travis Lee, Scott Boras, Mark McGwire, JD Drew ( of Course!), Curt Schilling, baseball draft signings, draft bonuses.

  • Was this the beginning of the signing of prospects at insanely high bonuses? I remember JD Drew's name splashed all over SportsCenter, and he hadn't even played a professional game yet.
  • Curt Schilling blasts Manny earlier this season; Very surprised that he threatened JD Drew when he Drew came to the majors. Is there anyone Schilling hasn't criticized?
  • The greed of JD Drew is emphasized by the incredible story of Mark Mcgwire breaking Maris' home run mark. Incredible story it was, wasn't it?
  • In 1998, as well as in 2008, you can count on Scott Boras manipulating the free agent market, stealing team's money and/or their players, and eating your first-born. Lock your doors if this man lands down in your town.



Death Penalty For The Twins And Three Others? ( Sports Talk, Jan. 2001),

Connections: Twins, Orioles, Nationals, Mets, Yankees, Tigers, Indians, Juan Gonzalez, Derek Jeter, Mo Rivera, Ellis Burks, Dean Palmer, Peter Angelos, Bud Selig

  • They were thinking about tearing down the Twins and consolidating the MLB just after recently expanding with the Marlins, Rockies, Rays, and Diamondbacks.
  • Lucky for the Yankees, they got Mariano Rivera the deal he needed. That ideology of thinking relief pitchers to be secondary did not bode well for their money-bloated rotation and anemic bullpens over the last five years.
  • Juan Gonzalez was statistically less valuable than Ellis Burks? They both bowed out of baseball a few years later, but that must take a toll on one's ego to have someone who is six years older being a better signing. Well, he'll show them! Gonzo's mad! Go grab him the magic bag Jose Canseco gave him in 94!
  • Wow, how important was Dean Palmer back in the day?



Violence Erupts After Lakers Win NBA Title ( CNN, Jun. 20, 2000 )

Connections: Anyone who lives around passionate fans. Anyone jealous for not living around passionate fans.

  • This goes to all the Lakers fans ( and antagonist fans of other lost championships ) who scoffed at the rioting after the recent Celtics' NBA Finals victory. Some of the Boston fans are obnoxious, haughty, irritating, and loud. But I can't say that other noted championship victories in other cities end with a conglomerate of fans setting up crumpet & tea sessions, or taking out their exuberance on an intense game of Ultimate Frisbee outside a stadium. Oh, here is another take on other riots ( including the Purple & Gold ) that demonstrated the craziness of fans.



Hot Air: The Case Against Michael Jordan ( Providence Phoenix, Jan. 21, 1999 )

And finally, I would like to end my Back To The Future trek with an article written in 1999 by Michael Crowley, currently a senior editor with The New Republic Magazine. I don't want to delve into the specifics; I believe that the title is profound enough, and the story transcends time and sports itself. It provides a sobering picture on sports, selfishness, and capitalism of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. The critique of the story's subject, the greatest icon in sports history, itself makes for an amazing read.


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