Buster Posey, San Francisco Giants, Bank of America Team Up To Show Appreciation

Bleacher ReportSenior Writer IApril 22, 2011

There aren't many people who can upstage San Francisco's newest favorite son, Buster Posey.

But even Gerald Demp III doesn't have enough juice to withstand the hysteria surrounding Barack Obama, not even in the San Francisco Giants' adoptive hometown. Nope, when the President of the United States comes a-callin', you can rest assured that he is the main attraction, regardless of what else is happening or where you are.

Consequently, Posey shouldn't feel too bad about being the No. 2 attraction in The City on Thursday morning when he stopped by the Bank of America at 345 Montgomery Street.

And now that I think about it, don't try convincing the customer-fans who were in attendance that Buster takes a backseat to the 44th President.

Not if the welcome they gave the 2010 National League Rookie of the Year is any indication of their thoughts on the matter.

Despite a delay caused by all the presidential hoopla as well as the standing nightmare otherwise known as a peak-hour commute across the Bay Bridge, the attendees' enthusiasm for the 24-year-old star wasn't dampened in the slightest.

The applause and cheers broke out before the jeans-and-flannel-shirt-clad Posey could even break the BofA threshold.

It lasted until the catcher disappeared over the top of the escalator on his way to (presumably) spend some face time with Bank of America employees.

Then there was another round when Posey came back down the escalator...and another when he was formerly introduced to the crowd.

You get the point—San Francisco loves us some Buster Posey.

The youngster was there as part of the organizational partnership with Bank of America in an effort to help the financial giant show its appreciation to its loyal customers. Rather than coffee mugs or toasters, the meet and greet was "a fun way to show the customers our appreciation in ways they're not really expecting," according to BofA executive Raquel Gonzalez.

Based on the ear-to-ear smiles I saw, I'd say the message was well received.

Those who were lucky enough to be included got treated to tickets, hats, balls and other swag. Of course, the crown jewel was the appearance by one of the most popular Giants, a surprise appearance to many.

As Posey said, it was "a really cool deal for Bank of America to show appreciation to its customer."


The Georgia native was only supposed to stay until about 11, but he went the extra and made sure everyone who had been waiting got a greeting with just a hint of that Southern drawl plus photographic evidence of the encounter. In fact, he was still there playing the good star when we wrapped up our interview and left around 11:20.

As if anticipating a question that never came about his willingness to stay late, shaking hands and chatting with a group of strangers—and on his off-day no less—Posey remarked:

"There were lot of Giants fans and a lot of Bank of America fans here today."

Somewhere, Nuke LaLoosh is taking notes and Crash Davis is nodding in approval.

It's becoming clear that there isn't too much about being a budding superstar that unsettles Posey—not 95-MPH gas nor knee-buckling breaking balls, not the heat of the pennant race nor the glare of the World Series and not the adulation of fans nor the media attention.

Well, you can add the balancing of corporate obligations to that list because he showed Bank of America what the San Francisco Giants and their fans already know so well—that Buster Posey rarely disappoints.

And he certainly didn't on Thursday.


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