Did Superstition Stymie the Cubs?

mark murrellCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2008

Save MeIt is official, the Cubs have gone 100 years without a World Series. After being swept by the Dodgers’, the Cubs have flown off to a spiritual retreat deep in the Sandia mountains of New Mexico to reflect on the last 100 years (not true). Seriously though, what gives? You have to look at how superstition and attitude play into the Cubs inability to pull the trigger.

The Curse of the Cubs
Screw curses and superstitions, but if it appears that these myths are affecting the team then management needs to attack these insecurities head on. Whether it is Bartman or the Billy goat, the Cubs need to get beyond superstition and move towards a clean slate. Otherwise, the next 100 years will be just as dismal as the past 100 years.

If it were me, I would have invited Bartman back for the opening playoff game as a 10th man. Rumor has it, Bartman’s life will never be the same and this single mistake will haunt him forever and like the Red Sox did for Buckner, have him back. Invite him back, call the media, give him a jersey, have him throw out the first pitch, embrace him to the fullest, as Bartman is just like any other bleacher creature, he bleeds Cubbie blue.

Second, I would slaughter a Billy goat on home plate and have the players drink its blood. Obviously, this should be done behind closed-doors, but done nonetheless. Kill the curse once and for all.

Finally, I would bring in some new blood, starting with Mark Cuban. Think of the timing of it all; 100 years without a World Series and now you have the opportunity to bring in an owner who is unlike any other owner out there; a guy that will sip suds in the bleachers and sign checks after the game; a mirroring image of the Cubs. Recently, on ESPN, one fan had this to say, "Man, (expletive) the Cubs! Forever! I'm done with them! Sorry sons of (expletive). Unless Mark Cuban buys them. That's the only way…I hope the (expletive) Cubs burn in hell!" A little brash, but that seems to be the consensus amongst Cubs fans right now.
Moving forward, embrace that which holds you back and conquer it head on, and then set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with those who have the same goals as you do, to win.

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