Minnesota Twins: State of the Roster

AlexAnalyst IOctober 10, 2008

There will undoubtedly be moves made by the Minnesota Twins this offseason.

Whether it be adding another piece to the bullpen, trading away one of the many outfielders, or upgrading the left side of the infield via trade or free agency.

Those things we cannot predict, but what are some of the moves we can expect within the next month or so?

Who’s Leaving?

There are four players on the roster who are now free agents (when they declare.) They are Adam Everett, Nick Punto, Eddie Guardado, and Dennys Reyes. It is all but assured that Everett and Guardado have played their final games with the team—as neither really produced and have no true value to the club next season.

Reyes will likely have at least some conversations with the team, but there is a good chance he will be classified as a Type B free agent and will command a decently big deal. With Jose Mijares in the fold and Craig Breslow likely returning, the Twins might be more apt to let him walk and possibly receive a compensation pick.

As for Punto, it’s hard to tell if he’ll return. As much as many fans don’t like him, Punto can be a very valuable asset if used correctly. He has above average defense skills and is a pretty decent bat off the bench. If signed as a utility player, Punto is a solid option.

But, how much interest will he draw from other clubs around the league?

Arbitration Players

Francisco Liriano will not qualify for arbitration this year despite his agent threatening to file a grievance a few months back. Jason Kubel and Matt Guerrier will both be arbitration eligible. The team will need to give them the one-year deals, trade or release them, or sign them long-term.

It’s almost certain that Kubel will be retained, and it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see him locked up for the future. However, with an abundance of outfielders, there is a small chance that Kubel could be the player the team chooses to deal.

As for Guerrier—while he really struggled this past season—his price shouldn’t be so high that the Twins wouldn’t take a chance on him rebounding in 2009. The club held on to Juan Rincon last season, so I have a hard time believing that they would let Guerrier go.

What Else?

The team has plenty of room on the 40-man roster, and those spots should continue to open up when guys like Everett and Guardado officially walk.  The Twins should also clear some of the other spots held by players that have no value.

Will the Twins let guys like Oswaldo Sosa, Julio DePaula, and Sergio Santos walk?

One other thing to think about as we head into the offseason is player options. From what I know, both Phillip Humber and Boof Bonser are out of options and would need to clear waivers to head to the minors.

Will the team keep them for next season or attempt to deal them rather than lose them for nothing?