Red Sox Roundtable: Best Infield Alignment?

Evan BrunellFeatured ColumnistOctober 9, 2008

Once a week, you’ll hear from numerous Red Sox bloggers on the Internet on a Red Sox related issue, and we’ll aggregate the answers here. Answers are placed in the order they were received. Thanks to everyone for participating!


Which alignment gives the Sox the best chance to beat the Rays, and why? Lowrie 3B, Cora SS, Youkilis 1B / Youkilis 3B, Lowrie SS, Kotsay 1B / Youkilis 3B, Lowrie SS, Casey 1B (Tell us your opinion in the comments!)

Youkilis 3B, Lowrie SS, Kotsay 1B.

Game Four proved to me that Kotsay can handle first base and that Youk is the best third-baseman the Sox have with Lowell out. I’m not sure Youk makes either of those plays that Kotsay made in Game Four, and I’m not sure Lowrie makes that play that Youk did on Hunter in the sixth.

I love Casey and he can definitely hit, but since he and Kotsay are both lefties and Kotsay is probably better at first base, Kotsay will continue to get the nod.

— Bottom Line Rob, The Bottom Line


With Youk flashing serious leather on both sides of the diamond and Lowrie being serviceable at both 3B and SS, this comes down to: Who is the best player of the remaining three?

Cora? Please. I really like Casey, but Francona must have caught him in bed with Mrs. Tito, because the Mayor saw no action against the Angels. Kotsay made a couple of nifty plays at first base in Game Four, has shown more versatility, and is not rusty. So it’s Youk-Jed-Kotsay.

— Allan Wood, The Joy of Sox (more…)