NFL Trade Speculation: 10 Big Names Who Will Bust on New Teams

Austin BrinesContributor IIApril 19, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 10 Big Names Who Will Bust on New Teams

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    Every offseason in the NFL, you hear about high maintenance wide receivers, star quarterbacks, overweight lineman, and other star players complaining about their current situations. Whether it be team talent level, money, location, or some other reason, players always find a way to complain. However, when a player finally does get traded, it does not always benefit him. this is a list of 10 players who will bust on the new teams they are traded to. Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

Carson Palmer

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    The Bengals insist that they don't want to trade palmer, but does a team really want to have a quarterback that doesn't want to be there. The Bengals will probably fold their cards, and trade Palmer to a team in need of a quarterback. Carson will bust because he is an injury risk and has been in decline over the last few years. He threatens to retire, but that is very unlikely. However, beware, whoever will trade for Palmer, as you may not be getting what you think. You may receieve a injury and turnover prone quarterback.

Albert Haynesworth

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    Albert is a star when on the field and happy. The problem here is he is almost never on the field and happy at the same time. Last year was the worst season of his career and therefore, you would expect the Redskins to try and move him. If he does land with another team, they will be looking for a force in the middle. However, they may receive a lazy fat player without much skill anymore.

Chad Johnson/Ochocinco

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    Ochocinco had his least productive season of his career last year. It is commonly known that he does not want to be in Cincy, but does that mean he will be traded? If he is, he is a definite bust canidate. 2 of Ochocincos last 3 years have been not so good, even though he was in a pass happy offense. On a new team, he may be too much of an attraction, and too little of a football player.

Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan was once one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He quickly fell out of favor in Washington, and is now a trade canidate. However, I don't see why any team would be interested. he is now a turnover prone quarterback on the backside of his career. Trading a bunch of draftpicks for him would hurt your franchise. He will be a bust.

Kevin Kolb

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    I'm not saying that kevin kolb will not be productive next season. However, a team will give up a boatload of picks to get him, expecting a super bowl level quarterback. That is not what Kolb is. He can lead a team to the playoffs, but will be a disappointment and bust to anyone that is expecting more than a first round loss. Kolb is what he is, a slightly above average NFL quarterback. However, a team will trade a package worthy of a hall of famer for him.

Eric Wright

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    Wright was a very good NFL cornerback. Key word, was. He had a horrific season last year, but is still a trade canidate. If a team gives up a 2nd round pick for him, as the Browns are looking for, they will regret it greatly. I don't see him returning back to his old form, and therefore, he will be a bust.

Jay Cutler

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    Cutler had a great season, but it was followed by a teribble ending. People are calling him weak and his image is very low. while I'm not sure if he is avalibale, I could definitely see someone trading a lot for him. He is so turnover prone and so talented, that he makes you expect too much. Cutler is one of the most frustrating quarterbacks to watch. He has the possibility to do great, but could also be a big bust.

Terrell Owens

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    Well, I cheated a little bit here. He is not a trade canidate, but he will still be a bust with his new team. owens is too much of a distraction. Also, Owens is not at the same talent level as he was before, so he will not be happy. He is a cancer in the locker room, and therefore, will be a bust.

Vince Young

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    Vince will not be on the 2011 Titans roster. He is a 2 time pro bowl quarterback so obviously someone will be interested. He has a great win-loss record, but that may be more of a by product of his teams talent, then his talent. With a new team, they will be expecting VY to lead them to victories. I don't think he will, and therefore, he will be a huge bust.

Steve Smith

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    Smith has started his decline as a receiever in the NFL. A team might be fooled into giving up anything of value for him, and will be very disappointed. With only 2 touchdowns and a measly 554 yards last year, he was a huge disappointment. A team will be looking for a huge bounceback, and while he may bounce back slightly, he will still be a bust.

Thanks for Reading!

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    Let me know what you think in the comments section. Which of these players won't bust? What other players will bust? Thanks for reading