NFL Draft 2011: 5 Potential Trade Partners for the Cleveland Browns

Brian MurtaughAnalyst IApril 20, 2011

NFL Draft 2011: 5 Potential Trade Partners for the Cleveland Browns

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    The Cleveland Browns are finalizing preparations for the sixth overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft and analyzing the first-round talents that they feel can help the organization reach the playoffs in 2011-12.

    Cleveland has many team needs heading into this draft and many options when it comes to which players could fit their new offensive and defensive systems next season.

    Cleveland will also have the option of trading down in the draft and acquiring additional picks in order to help build depth on their depleted roster.

    This slideshow breaks down five teams that could be potential trade partners with the Browns on draft day and go into depth about what each of those teams may be looking for in their potential draft pick.

No. 5: Dallas Cowboys

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    Jerry Jones is always a candidate to make a big move on draft day and his rumored infatuation with both Cam Newton and A.J. Green doesn't help his cause.

    Dallas is a team that was brought down by injuries in 2010 and is not as bad of a football team as their final record shows.

    The big player in the Cowboys' trading possibilities would have to be A.J. Green.

    Jones would love to add another star receiver next to Miles Austin and Dez Bryant and really give Tony Romo all the tools needed to succeed.

    Dallas may also look for a defensive player like Robert Quinn if they were to move up as they will be under the direction of former Browns coordinator, Rob Ryan, next season.

No. 4: Minnesota Vikings

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    The 2011 NFL Draft for the Minnesota Vikings will be all about the quarterback position and life after Brett Favre.

    Tavaris Jackson is eligible for free agency in 2011 and the franchise simply does not have the confidence in Joe Webb to name him the quarterback for the future.

    If Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert are left on the board after the Arizona Cardinals select at No. 5, expect teams like the Vikings to be throwing pots of gold at Cleveland in exchange for their selection.

    Teams are beginning to realize that waiting on free agency could end up hurting their franchise and they may want to add a quarterback while they have the chance.

No. 3: San Franciso 49ers

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    Defense will be the name of the game for the San Francisco 49ers in this draft as the team will welcome in new head coach John Harbaugh this season.

    Patrick Peterson will be the player that the 49ers will be interested in if the top five teams choose to go a different direction.

    Alex Smith seems to have played well enough to warrant at least one more campaign under center for San Francisco which turns the cornerback position into the biggest team need of 2011.

    The 49ers ranked 24th in the NFL against the pass in 2010 and even looked lost at times against some of the stronger passing attacks in the NFC.

    San Francisco also has two fourth-round and two sixth-round selections at their disposal which may make their ability to trade much greater.

No. 2: Tennessee Titans

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    The Tennesee Titans are currently in a position where their team needs are simply greater than the talent they will be able to draft at the end of April.

    Mike Munchak will have his work cut out for him as the coaching staff and team will be filled with faces in new places, including one of the top players from the 2011 NFL Draft.

    The Titans have two fourth-round picks available at their disposal and are in great need of a quarterback or defensive playmaker.

    Tennessee would love to grab Blaine Gabbert or Robert Quinn to help on either side of the ball and give the franchise a new player to get excited about.

    Gabbert would likely be the player that Tennessee would really push for as both Vince Young and Kerry Collins appear to be done with the franchise.

    The Titans will have a good chance to obtain a defensive talent in their current draft position, but that all depends on the organizations preferences.

No. 1: St. Louis Rams

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    Pat Shurmur and the management of the St. Louis Rams have a built a great relationship over the last several years which makes this trade an even greater possibility than all of the others.

    The Rams are openly looking for an offensive player to take their franchise to the next level, but will have to sacrifice a lot if they want Cleveland to drop all the way into the middle of the first round.

    The Browns have shown that they are willing to wait for the player they want and St.Louis could give them that opportunity with the 14th overall selection.

    St. Louis would likely be looking to acquire a wide receiver like A.J. Green in this spot or possibly even Von Miller if he would happen to fall that far.

    Sam Bradford needs weapons if he is going to be successful at the NFL level in 2011.

    Danny Amendola had a good year for St.Louis in 2010, but quickly fell off the board when teams started to account for his presence. A.J. Green or Julio Jones could give the Rams that extra piece to their offensive puzzle and possibly be enough bait for Cleveland to score a very big deal.