Fantasy Baseball: The Week's 10 Star Players You Need To Bench

J. BatovskyCorrespondent IApril 18, 2011

Fantasy Baseball: The Week's 10 Star Players You Need To Bench

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    There are a number of star players out there that you may have been starting in your weekly lineups. Some don't belong in any lineup this week unless that lineup is at the local police precinct.

    There are a few players that continue to struggle mightily, and others that may have a health concern. Hopefully you don't have any of the players I'm going to mention, but if you do heed the warning.

    I have a few of these guys too, and I plan to actually listen to myself for once. There IS a first time for everything.

Joe Nathan, Minnesota Twins

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    After a decent enough start to the season, Nathan has struggled big-time recently. He has blown his last two save opportunities after converting on his first three attempts.

    Reportedly at his own request, Nathan has been removed from the closer's role. While he and Matt Capps had previously been sharing the role, Capps has now officially been tabbed to close out games for the Twins.

    Whether it was by Nathan's own doing or a decision by manager Ron Gardenhire, it really doesn't matter at this point. Until Nathan begins getting save opportunities again, sit him on your bench.

Ian Kinsler, Texas Rangers

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    Kinsler has been hitting about as well as he is in the picture to the left. Miraculously Kinsler has been able to stay healthy so far, but his production has been that of a corpse. For the season he has 4 HR and 8 RBI, but 3 HR came in the first three games of the season. He is hitless in his last five games.

    That isn't remotely good enough to keep in anyone's starting lineup. If you take my advice, you'll be happy you sat him this week.

Roy Oswalt, Philadelphia Phillies

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    Oswalt reportedly left his start on Friday with a strained lower back. He has already said he'll be ready for his next start on Thursday against the Padres.

    The back is a funny thing and even if he is able to make that start, there's no guarantee those spasms won't return.

    I suggest you sit him down and wait until he is given a 100 percent clean bill of health.

Mike Stanton, Florida Marlins

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    If you look at the picture in the dictionary next to the word awful, you would see a head shot of the Florida Marlin's slugger.

    When you have struck out in 11 of your 31 at-bats on the season, you need a time out. Go sit on that little chair in the corner and think about what you have or haven't done so far this season.

    Did I mention he's hitting .194 as well with no home runs? Just brutal.

Vernon Wells, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    Wells has been, quite possibly, the worst hitter of the season so far as well as one of the biggest disappointments. Nothing has been working to get him out of his monumental slump.

    61 AB, 9 H, 7 R, 0 HR, 2 RBI, 3 BB, 15 SO, .148 BA, .200 OBP, .413 OPS

    I don't think there is much else to say at the moment. If you haven't sat him down yet, do it NOW. I did already this past week.

Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins

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    Morneau has clearly not been the same player thus far as he was before last season's concussion. It's possible everyone was a bit too ambitious on the timetable for his recovery, or it might be that it's taken a bit longer than anticipated (.208 BA, 0 HR) for him to recover his timing.

    Whatever the case, Morneau is NOT helping your fantasy team. Now it appears he has also come down with the flu. Keep him on your bench until the Morneau we all have grown to love/hate returns.

Dan Uggla, Atlanta Braves

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    And....the Whiffffff!

    This guy is killing me this year. His three piddly home runs do not make up for his 13 strikeouts. If he was actually driving in runs or hitting for a decent average, I could stomach his overall lack of success.

    62 AB, 11 H, 3 HR, 4 RBI, 2 BB, 13 SO, .177 BA, .203 OBP, .574 OPS

    That's not much better than Vernon Wells, so instead of being putrid he has only been pathetic.

    Sit him on his Uggla this week.

Carl Crawford, Boston Red Sox

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    I found someone even worse than all those other guys!

    Crawford has gone hitless in 7 of his last 10 games. He has a .127 batting average, a .172 OBP and only one RBI for the season.

    He shouldn't be anywhere near your lineup. It may be best just to keep him in the clubhouse. Maybe he could find Ken Griffey Jr. down there somewhere, and they could play some cards.

Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds

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    The only reason I suggest sitting Brandon Phillips this week is his injury status. He has been on fire at the plate, so when healthy he should be a staple in your lineup.

    Phillips has a strained groin which is never a good thing. He took infield practice before Sunday's game, but was clearly not ready to play as of yet.

    Phillips is officially listed as day-to-day which is like a fantasy owner's version of poison ivy.

Ryan Franklin, St. Louis Cardinals

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    Run as far and as fast as you can right now from Ryan Franklin.

    I am one of the unfortunate owners to have drafted him. Now I'm going to have to scramble a bit.

    Franklin has blown four of his five save opportunities culminating in a two run walk-off bomb by Matt Kemp on Sunday. His ERA has ballooned to a grotesque 11.57.

    It is likely manager Tony LaRussa will be looking at all of his closing options in the coming days. If LaRussa sticks with Franklin, he's just playing with fire.

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