NFL Draft: The 5 Worst Green Bay Packers Draft Picks Under Ted Thompson

Michael AkelsonCorrespondent IApril 17, 2011

NFL Draft: The 5 Worst Green Bay Packers Draft Picks Under Ted Thompson

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    When Ted Thompson took over the Green Bay Packers from Mike Sherman in 2005, he quickly became unpopular after unloading fan favorites Mike Wahle, Marco Rivera and Darren Sharper.

    They were the reigning NFC North champions, and he wanted to rebuild now? With Brett Favre clearly only having a few more good years left in him? Are you kidding.

    He took even more heat when he chose Brett Favre's replacement, Aaron Rodgers, with his first ever draft pick.

    Little did we know that was a good thing; it was also a sign of things to come.

    With his second pick as Packers GM he selected Nick Collins.

    And well, the rest is history.

    Needless to say, Ted Thompson rarely makes a bad draft pick, but even the best of us make mistakes.

    So let's take a look at five picks Ted Thompson wishes he had back.

5. Pat Lee, CB, Auburn, 60th Overall Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft

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    When the Packers used a second-round pick on Pat Lee in the 2008 NFL draft, they thought they were not only getting their nickelback for the next few years, but also their eventual replacement of Charles Woodson.

    Boy, do things change.

    Lee has found a home on special teams, but he has Packer fans literally shaking every time he gets into the game at corner.

    He did, however, play surprisingly well in Super Bowl XLV after Charles Woodson and Sam Shields both went down.

    But I'll still close my eyes every time he's lined up across from a receiver. 

4. Abdul Hodge, LB, Iowa, 67th Overall Pick in the 2006 NFL Draft

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    Hodge gets the nod over Pat Lee for the fourth spot on this list because at least Lee makes a contribution to the team on special teams; Hodge never really did anything in Green Bay.

    He spent two seasons in Green Bay, playing in just eight games and starting in only one. He had just 10 tackles in his Green Bay career before being cut in 2008.

    Good riddance. 

3. Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville, 56th Overall Pick in the 2008 NFL Draft

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    A lot of people saw Brian Brohm as a first-round talent, so when he slipped to the Packers near the end of the second round, they made him a cheesehead.

    That didn't last long.

    One thing that you have to give Ted Thompson credit for is that when he botches a draft pick, it doesn't take him long to realize.

    Brohm spent just one season in Green Bay before being waived and then signed by the Buffalo Bills where he's still a backup. For the Bills

2. Terrence Murphy, 58th Overall Pick in the 2005 NFL Draft

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    It wasn't Terrence Murphy's fault that he became the second biggest bust of the Ted Thompson era, but his status as a bust is undeniable. 

    As sad as it is, the NFL is a business and although I'm sure Murphy would have been a great player, he never got the chance, and you better believe that if he was given a redo, Thompson would choose this one differently.

    Murphy's career ended after just three games due to a career-ending injury courtesy of a hit by Carolina Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis.

1. Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee, 16th Overall Pick in the 2007 NFL Draft

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    During his tenure in Green Bay, Ted Thompson has really only botched one first-round pick (no, A.J Hawk doesn't count.)

    That pick: Justin Harrell, whose selection in the first place had many people scratching their heads.

    Harrell has never been able to keep himself out of the trainers room, playing in just 14 games in four seasons in Green Bay.

    He's a long shot to make the team next season.