NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Will Trade Down Their First Draft Pick

John ReevesContributor IIOctober 25, 2016

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Will Trade Down Their First Draft Pick

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5. St. Louis Rams (Pick 14)

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    The Rams want a big play receiver, but there won't be one there by the time they pick at 14. I don't think they get a top 5 selection with their first and third picks, and I don't see them trading a first and second to get one of the two elite receivers. 

    I think their first- and third-round selections would get them a trade with Tennessee at the eighth pick, which would probably be high enough to get Alabama WR Julio Jones.

4. Washington Redskins (Pick 10)

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    Washington needs a quarterback. They could stay where they are, and get a QB, but whom? It wouldn't be Cameron Newton or Blaine Gabbert. Anything less than those two picks, and they'd probably be better with Donovan McNabb.

    The trade that might get them going in that direction would be with Buffalo. According to most mock drafts that would get them Blaine Gabbert, but either way it would get one of the two elite quarterbacks.

    Washington gets: First-round pick three.

    Buffalo get: First-round pick 10, Donovan Mcnabb and a future pick. 

3. Minnesota Vikings (Pick 12)

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    Leslie Frazier showed us the Vikings were not a bad team late in the season, but we do know the quarterback position is one that needs to be filled. Joe Webb is not the answer, although he does seem to fit the backup roll well.

    The question is, can they get one later in the draft? I think they can get one later. Perhaps Jake Locker, Andy Dalton or Christian Ponder.

    Then why would Minnesota trade up? Because they need a shutdown cornerback. Most mock drafts have Patrick Peterson going well before the Vikings pick, but they also have Prince Amukamra available, and the Vikings not selecting him. 

    I don't see Peterson or Amukamara being available by the time they pick at 12. So here is the trade that gets them the elite corner back.

    Dallas gives: Pick eight.

    Minnesota gives: Pick 12 and a future pick.

    Dallas could still get the OL they want at pick 12.

2. Arizona Cardinals (Pick 5)

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    The Cardinals need a quarterback, and most mock drafts have Denver taking a defensive lineman. I think Denver could move down two spots and get Von Miller or Nick Fairley with the fifth pick. Maybe even Marcel Dareus, who they'd select with the second pick, although most mock drafts have him gone in the top 3.

    I think if you're taking a quarterback you move up, and if your first pick is a defensive lineman you can afford to move down slightly. This depends on their opinion of Miller, Fairley or possibly Robert Quinn and Da'Quan Bowers.

    I think Denver can afford to move down, and if the Cardinals like one of the two elite quarterbacks the trade must happen. Arizona can get a franchise player at pick five, but they won't get Newton or Gabbert, and I think with a QB they'll be going to the Super Bowl.

    Arizona gets: 2nd pick

    Denver gets: 5th pick and 2012 2nd round pick.

    Both teams win here, because Arizona would get whichever QB didn't get drafted first. Denver slides two places, and they still get a top 5 offensive lineman. They would also have the second-round pick of the Cardinals next season when the lockout would be over.

1. Cincinnati Bengals (Pick 4)

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    Everybody thinks that the Bengals are going to draft a receiver. They need a quarterback, and a trade with Buffalo would get them a QB.

    The Buffalo Bills would have to accept Carson Palmer and one pick lower in the draft. He's a proven NFL QB, and then Buffalo could use the pick on a defensive lineman or cornerback.

    The Bengals could get the QB they need, because Palmer wants out, and hasn't done enough to make him worth the drama. They would be trading a guy who doesn't want to be there—for one of the top 2 quarterbacks in this year's draft.

    I know the Bengals need another big play wide receiver, but you are more likely to find unexpected WR talent than you would at QB. Patriots QB Tom Brady is a very rare exception.

    They could stay where they are and take the WR, and probably get Locker or Ponder in the second round, but that isn't Newton or Gabbert. You also haven't dumped Palmer.