MLB Players on Twitter: 25 Guys Who Are Worth Following

John GreggContributor IIIApril 15, 2011

MLB Players on Twitter: 25 Guys Who Are Worth Following

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    Some people like Twitter. Some people don't.

    Most people just don't get it.

    Neither do a lot of Major League baseball players.

    There are close to 300 players who have MLB-verified accounts, but few players effectively use them.

    Regardless of what you think of Twitter, it remains a great way for professional athletes to communicate with their fan base.

    Here are 25 players who not only use their accounts frequently, but utilize them well.

    This list is not based on the popularity of the player or how many followers he has.

    Instead, some of the criteria used to make this list was:

    1) Frequency of use

    2) Knowledge of Twitter and its various tools

    3) Interaction with followers

    4) Amount of information given about the game and their personal lives

    5) Humor, wit, and personality

    In short, these are the 25 Major League players most worth following on Twitter.

    For a complete list of MLB verified accounts: see here.

No. 25 Reid Brignac, Tampa Bay Rays

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Brignac tweets like he talks... with a Southern drawl. 

    He interacts with fans, other players, and the media often.

    He is polite and accommodating with fans and has run several contests for memorabilia exclusively on Twitter.

    A very likable person who seems to be grateful to be a Major Leaguer and seems genuine in his gratitude for fan support.

    Recent Tweets: I hope we can hear yall RT @ Going to cheer on @ & the rest of the  tonight at Fenway. Ready for a big win!

    gotta give a shout out to @ - best of luck tonight and in the playoffs!!

    the support is much appreciated RT @ @ Rolling into Fenway tonight with a nice Rays contingent... Let's gooo guys!

No. 24 Brad Penny, Detroit Tigers

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    Twitter Link:

    Reason To Follow: Pretty much Penny's entire account consists of replies and thank yous to fans. There are hundreds of them. It is pretty obvious that connecting with fans is important to him.

    You stand a pretty good chance of getting a retweet or reply from Penny if you send him a tweet.

    He is also not afraid to confront fans who are negative or rude.

    Recent Tweets: @ no worries. Just don't like cowards who talk through computers. I'll get to where I want to be. Thank u

    @ yeah. I've been busting my ass. Still a lot of work to do.

    Heading to the stadium. San Fran brings back memories. Loved my time here.

No. 23 Brett Cecil, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Twitter Link: 

    Reasons To Follow: Cecil has a picture of his son as his profile picture, and espouses love for his wife in his bio. That scores points with me. Any man who isn't afraid to tell the world he loves his family can't be a bad guy.

    He doesn't interact with fans much. However he trades tweets with teammates like Ricky Romero, Travis Snider and J. P. Arencibia.

    He also tweets a lot of stuff about hockey if you're a fan of the NHL.

    Seems to have a good sense of humor.

    Recent Tweets: @ thanks JP...n yes I have a semi-thick lining that protects my 6 pack!

    Tough played great throw in a little luck and we win all three @ tonight 4 steaks!!!!

    After having real authentic Mexican food with @ 's made me realize...taco bell just ain't it!

No. 22 Dexter Fowler, Colorado Rockies

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    Twitter Link: 

    Reasons To Follow: Lets you know every time he gets a haircut, and usually shows a picture.

    Tweets birthday wishes to other players and celebrities.

    Interacts with fans and media with enthusiasm and a good sense of humor.

    Recent Tweets: @ @ technically you can't see anything in the dark.... THE END

    Great win for us last night...suppose to rain out here in NY tonight, gonna be a cold, wet battle!!! Let's get it!

    Opening Day and I got a fresh cut and sick walkout song!! Awesome beginning to a great season! Stayed tuned to intros!

No. 21 Will Rhymes, Detroit Tigers

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Doesn't engage with followers as much as many players do, but often expresses his gratitude for fan support.

    Has varied interests and tweets about food, music, and movies.

    Keeps fans well informed about what he is up to.

    Shows a very sharp wit at times.

    Recent Tweets: @. Yeah we have food on the plane, its usually pretty good. I had sea bass and risotto tonight. No movies though

    What is going on with the traffic this morning? At this rate I won't ever get to the park

    Anyone watching the Sunday night game? Baseball gods made that right with the infield hit.

No. 20 Peter Moylan, Atlanta Braves

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Sharp Aussie wit, and quick one-liners.

    Tweets constant support for all things Australian.

    Doesn't mind poking fun at himself.

    Shows a lot of love to Atlanta and its fans.

    Recent Tweets: Whi ever runs out in a @ Uni....RT @: Who do you think is the best hitting pitcher out in the bullpen?

    Great bum!!! RT @: For my @ fans - this is from bp on 4.8.11. Nice stretch!

    the fact that @ likes @ makes me love him even more. i like vodka almost as much as i like the braves.

No. 19 Denard Span, Minnesota Twins

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow:  Span's account is mostly him answering questions from fans and talking about what he is doing.

    Very cordial and polite, you can tell that being a baseball player and the responsibilities that come with it is something that Span takes seriously.

    Did I say he answers a lot of questions from fans?

    Recent Tweets: Tough loss tonight! We gotta re group and be ready for tomorrow. That's why I love baseball. There's always tomorrow. Goodnight

    She better be hot! Lol RT @: @ retweet and a smokin babe will go on a date with me! Thx bra

    @ very far lol... The furthest I've seen hit there other than bp

No. 18 J.P. Arencibia, Toronto Blue Jays

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Active user who tweets to his Blue Jay teammates and interacts with fans.

    Plenty of post-game tweets.

    Sends tweets to Charlie Sheen. Enough said.

    Recent Tweets: @ - @ (Blue Jays catcher) wants to catch one of those ! C'mon Charlie, would love those tickets!

    At breakfast with @ @ ... Cecil just ordered the whole menu haha j/k ... Beautiful morning here in Seattle!!!

    Great Quote! RT @ Championship teams are formed by how teams respond to tough losses. Back to the diamond and move on. @

No. 17 Brian Wilson, San Fransisco Giants

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Wilson doesn't tweet very frequently... but when he does, it leaves you either laughing or saying, "What the heck is he talking about?"

    His persona comes across very well through Twitter.

    Rarely talks about baseball, other than to fire himself up.

    His account is intense and entertaining. Very Brian Wilson.

    Recent Tweets: Celtics spelled backwards is scitleC, and in that backwards language means "World Champions"

    Liam Neeson just said You're Welcome...for man handling fools that cross him. "He will find you"

    Opening Day is almost here. I can smell the RAGE in SF waiting to be unleashed. Fans around the World get ready for another D-lish season.

    @ Thank you for dominating the World since the days of Neon Bodeaux. Celtics win it all. FACT

No. 16 Chris Perez, Cleveland Indians

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Very active with followers and answers plenty of questions.

    Talks a fair amount of smack.

    Has a pretty sarcastic wit, and uses it well with followers who chide him.

    Very vocal, and not afraid to say what is on his mind.

    Recent Tweets: Beautiful weather here in Anaheim; one of the perks about traveling you eventually get to a city with nice weather

    @ watching all the drunks act like idiots? Or watching the guys try to find something to go home with?

    @ It's easy to say that when you haven't played in 20 years

No. 15 Nick Swisher, New York Yankees

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: His personality doesn't come across quite the same way as it does on the field, but he does a great job of being gracious to his fans.

    He has over one million followers, making his account one of the most influential in MLB.

    Comes across as very genuine and professional.

    Understands the nuances of Twitter and uses its tools well.

    Doesn't tweet a lot, but makes each one count.

    Recent Tweets: Going back to my day off, just couldn't resist signing on to say hi. Talk to you guys soon. GO YANKS!

    RT @: i'm getting ready for @ to make another run for the all star game. you got my vote dude >thx man

    Who came out to see me today at one of branches I visited? Was so much fun surprising customers and fans. Love being out in NYC!

No. 14 Barry Enright, Arizona Diamondbacks

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    Twitter Handle:

    Reasons To Follow: Expresses gratitude and words of encouragement frequently to fans.

    Tweets links to pictures and videos.

    Replies to his tweets.

    Very regular tweeter who does a variety of things with his account.

    Recent Tweets: Almost to 3,500 followers! I'll give away tickets to my start on Sunday if we get there! @

    Drifter don't drift to the dark side RT @: @ is it bad that I wanna pick the Bunny just go against everyone else?

    Ok everyone getting back to my childhood days I need ur help w/this winner?

No. 13 John Axford, Milwaukee Brewers

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Plenty of mustache humor.

    Tweets regularly with fans.

    A bit of a film buff, so plenty of tweets about his favorite flicks.

    Recent Tweets: @ I'm a grown up though...not a pre-pubecent jerk! haha...I made myself laugh.

    @ Hmmmmm...Could be "the Dark Knight" "Shawshank Redemption" "Unforgiven" or "Seven" ... soooooooo his best flicks! haha

    @ Nah...Sadness makes me feel normal! I'm not very normal!

No. 12 John Baker, Florida Marlins

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Plenty of exchanges with followers.

    A lot of diversity in his tweets: everything from music to wine to Star Wars.

    Frequent and humorous use of  #hashtags.

    Not afraid to talk a little trash to followers who poke jabs at him.

    Recent Tweets: Why does my 7 week old daughter only like to listen to ?

    @ I've been using a hockey mask since I got by in '09 Nike has BY FAR the best traditional mask.

    Why does the bassist for @ only have 960 something followers? Do you people not listen to music?

No. 11 Curtis Granderson, New York Yankees

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Often poses questions to his followers.

    Gives plenty of shoutouts to teammates, former athletes and celebrities.

    Isn't afraid to retweet negative stuff about himself.

    Responds to followers and has plenty of diversity in his tweets.

    A well known philanthropist, he tweets links to his charities and tries to do the same for his followers.

    Recent Tweets: team wins like that are the best ones. Everyone contributed!

    I hear a lot of complaints about how late Sunday Night Baseball starts on @ @ . What time do YOU think the games should start?

    @ youre such a sellout...when people from Michigan die u dont say a word...i guess if i was sucking in nation id suck up too

No. 10 Jeremy Affeldt, San Francisco Giants

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Lots of words of wisdom and random musings, from both himself and others. Some very philosophical, and some down-right hilarious.

    Affeldt is very involved in charity and humanitarian work, and is always posting links to sites for organizations he supports, including his own Generation Alive. In fact, he very rarely tweets anything about baseball or the Giants at all.

    He is an active blogger and tweets links to new posts at

    Recent Tweets: Packing for road trip and another though comes to mind. " Why do we put shirts in a suitcase, and put suits in a garment bag?"

    Random pre-game thought "What hair color do they put on the driver's license of a bald man?"

    The question going through my mind right now is "Why can't we tickle ourselves?" .......anybody?

No. 9 Orlando Hudson, San Diego Padres

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: As in real life, Hudson is a gregarious and friendly personality on Twitter.

    Not only does he interact with his followers, but he acts as a role model by tweeting words of advice and encouragement, and in some cases has scolded followers for being disrespectful.

    A lot of tweets about food.

    Is genuinely grateful for the support he gets from his followers, and lets them know frequently.

    A positive and polite tweeter, he is as accessible as any athlete on Twitter.

    Recent Tweets: @ mark Loretta is a great one an he's one of my favorite teammates I ever played with just an awesome guy

    @ I'm a southern boy my wife an mom don't make fried rice shawty we boil our rice. I don't eat sushi either

    @ now why would u wanna disrespect the young lady like dat. Now what if somebody says dat about ur sister daughter or mom

    @ yeah my wife an 3 kids got da best looking dog a human being can have. Its an O-DOG. Da only animal in our household

    @ hey but there is a ctach u gotta do good in school 1st tho homie cause w/o grades u can't play

No. 8 Michael Cuddyer, Minnesota Twins

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Answers followers' questions with more than one-word replies.

    Offers more of a glimpse into his off-field life than most players.

    Provides insights into various nuances of the game.

    An avid photographer, he links to photos he's taken from the field and dugout.

    Is very cordial and friendly with his followers.

    Recent Tweets: I took my son to chuckie cheeses today. Thats one thingRT @: @ what do you usually do on a day off in Minnesota?

    Dont worry. We are working hard. It will come!RT @: @ When are the bats going to come alive, Cuds?

    Liquid titanium.RT @: @ What's the story with those thick necklaces I see a lot of players wearing? Been wondering for years...

No. 7 Ozzie Guillen, Chicago White Sox

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: I know, I know, he's not a player. But Guillen is just as entertaining on Twitter as he is everywhere else.

    Tweets in both English and Spanish.

    Plenty of Ozzieisms.

    At times offers a serious look into the mind of a MLB manager.

    Absolutely hilarious tweets, that sometimes are clearly not meant to be funny, but are anyways.

    Recent Tweets: play like george brett and everything will be ok he was and is so awesome

    No because we make one mistake whit playing bad. All u people thnk no the game

    I want to buy some pipes soon let me know where is a good pipes

    if I'm bacck in world series again I will wear a bow tie @ I promise

    Big game for us continue to play hard thas all not to woorie about crap

No. 6 Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: A voracious tweeter who speaks from the heart and doesn't pull any punches.

    Pretty prolific, with over 7,000 tweets on his account.

    Shows his human side quite frequently.

    Very intelligent and thought-provoking tweets interspersed with downright funny ones.

    Engages with his followers well.

    Talks about himself and the Orioles frequently, and exchanges tweets with teammates.

    Recent Tweets: Keep at it. Only way. We ain't gonna feel sorry. Were gonna keep battling. New day tomorrow. Same mission a W

    A guy outside our hotel just called me a "Maricon" because I didn't sign his bat. I dint sign outside the hotel. It's like outside my home.

    Waking up to Maury. What a damn nightmare this show still is. It's turned into Jerry Springer just wit a better host. Same BS

    @ @ yea I hate half My friends. I don't hate anyone. Everyone is equal to me. Sorry u have the racist thought my man

    @ what are u gonna apologize for. It's the game. Ish happens an u move on. But u have ur opinions.

No. 5 Dirk Hayhurst, Tampa Bay Rays

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Just recently tweeted that he was taking a break from social media due to lack of time. This is too bad, because he puts on a clinic on how to effectively use Twitter.

    As an author of a NY Times bestseller, you would expect eloquent and poignant tweets. Hayhurst delivers that and more.

    Extremely funny and insightful.

    Plenty of banter with teammates and followers.

    A very intelligent, witty, and sensitive guy.

    Recent Tweets: As always, I appreciate your support and follow. I'll be back, after I've got some of this off my plate. Enjoy your break from my word vomit

    @ How dare you? Are you serious? What an absolutely moronic and ignorant thing to say.

    If you didn't like my book, please cancel your internet service and stay away from any book review sites.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to finish this fried chicken, put on my womens underwear, and brush my teeth.

    RT @: @ how does Jennings look? Future star or avg? // This is a good example of a question to NOT ask a player.

No. 4 Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: He's Brandon Phillips, one of the biggest personalities in the game. And on Twitter as well.

    Spends a lot of time chatting it up with his family and his fans.

    Plenty of tweets about himself and his Reds teammates.

    Very gregarious and yet surprisingly humble at the same time. Easy to see why he is such a fan favorite.

    A must-follow account even if you don't like baseball, as Phillips is a true entertainer.

    Recent Tweets: Anytime boss! Nice meetin u too RT @: Just met my favorite Red @ at walmart what a cool dude. Definately made my day

    I made a list of things to get at Walmart but y'all know every time you go there, you always get something that is not on your list! DAMN...

    Yo yo yo! We finally got wifi on our charter plane! JBruce & JVotto are watching seasons of ! O Yeaaa @ voice

    Everybody, Nick Masset is goin to be fine! In baseball there are ups and downs! Trust me, he will find it ASAP. We Believe In & Stand By Him

    Yo Dex! Nice haircut, but it looks like you need some chapstick for those ashy lips! LMAO RT @: Fresh cut !

No. 3 Logan Morrison, Florida Marlins

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Morrison spends A LOT of time on Twitter, and is a self-professed Twittaholic.

    Tweets about anything and everything.

    Interacts with followers as much as anybody, and retweets plenty as well.

    Responds with good humor to fans who tweet him smack talk.

    Very witty and funny.

    Understands Twitter and uses all the tricks of the trade.

    Morrison sends you a direct message thanking you for following him. Pretty cool.

    Recent Tweets: Just saw two bums on the side of the highway, doing doggie! Stay hot atl!

    Don't know what Snart means, learn something new today!

    Global warming RT @: LoMo what do you think is the reason for the small crowds at Turner Field for your series versus the Braves?

    By girlfriend do u mean the blow up doll in the closet? RT @: Lomo, my girlfriend thinks I stalk you... do you agree?

    Bitch?!? Kiss your mother with that mouth??? RT @: @ You lucky bitch. No Halladay or Lee for you this weekend.

No. 2 C.J. Wilson, Texas Rangers

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Wilson is another player who "gets" Twitter. He uses it very effectively to express his opinions on everything from his straight-edge lifestyle to politics.

    He is a very bright guy, who can tweet intelligently on a variety of topics.

    Frequent exchanges with other MLB players and fans.

    Posts links to a lot of photos he has taken.

    With nearly 8,000 tweets, Wilson uses Twitter frequently and you never know what he is going to say.

    Clearly a very tech-savvy guy, he understands how to use gadgets, the Internet, and social media.

    Someone you would follow even if he wasn't famous. He's that interesting and well-rounded.

    Recent Tweets: Just landed in the @ and they had brownies waiting for me. They know how I like to party

    If parents chime in with opinions, can they ever put in less than ten cents?

    Day game! Up early with some breakfast to and . Hope to see some antlers and

    In case you tweeps don't know how to use tumblr, you can set it to time-release photos RANDOMLY. I load 20, they're released by the site.

    Trying to watch this Orioles + Tigers game and these fools are standing in our way. Get yo business casual striped shirt to a seat!

No. 1 David Price, Tampa Bay Rays

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    Twitter Link:

    Reasons To Follow: Price is the king of Twitter amongst MLB players. You would be hard-pressed to find a player who interacts with his followers as much as Price.

    Answers questions, gives retweets, and even sets up online FIFA 11 X-Box tournaments with his fans.

    Just like on the field and in the dugout, Price is the main cheerleader for the Rays and tweets words of encouragement to fans and teammates.

    He also sends tweets to players of opposing teams frequently.

    Very witty and charming, but isn't above talking a little trash when needed.

    A good example of how MLB players can use Twitter to connect with fans. His Twitter faux pas of last season is a distant memory.

    Recent Tweets: I might have done the same!! RT @: @ traded you in fantasy for nelson cruz. no hard feelings, i just had 5 aces and no OF!

    How did he do? Was he fair to both teams? RT @: @ yo daddy was my ump last night.!

    Hah my drama teacher in hs! Hi Mrs Febles!RT @: RT @: @ Mrs. Febles just read your defining moment about Chipper

    I DID NOT HIT YOUKILIS!!!! Just watched it no chance that ball touched him!!

    Yea but I'd smash you on xbox...RT @: @ would get butt kicked in ps3 FIFA