NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers' Best Second-Round Picks in Their History

Joseph BrunoCorrespondent IApril 13, 2011

NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers' Best Second-Round Picks in Their History

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    Everyone knows that the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the best teams at drafting and very rarely miss on picks in the first round.

    People forget, however, all of the great players the Steelers have selected in round two of the draft.

    Second-round picks may not get the hype that first rounders do; however, teams expect second-round picks to develop into major contributors for the team.

    The Steelers have had some great second-round picks in their history.

    Here are my top ten rated 10-1, with one being the top.

10. Antwaan Randle El, 2002

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    The end of this list was hard to put together with solid guys in Kendrell Bell, Chad Brown and Brenston Buckner in consideration; however, I went with Antwaan Randle El.

    Randle El was originally drafted as a quarterback and the Steelers moved him to receiver, and he became the team’s primary return guy.

    He has been the main gadget play guy for the Steelers in his career. He has 16 total receiving, return and passing touchdowns, not including a 43-yard touchdown pass in Super Bowl XL to Hines Ward.

9. Marvel Smith, 2000

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    The Steelers current offensive line gets its share of criticism, but people forget that only a few years ago it was considered a strength for the team.

    Marvel Smith may have had his career derailed by injuries; however, he was once one of the Steelers top offensive lineman.

    Smith was named to one Pro Bowl in his career with the Steelers and was the starting left tackle in Super Bowl XL.

8. Carnell Lake, 1989

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    Carnell Lake was just brought in by the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the defensive backs coach this offseason. He made four Pro Bowls in his 10 years as a player with the team.

    Lake was a solid player for the Steelers in his career and finished with 16 interceptions and 21.5 sacks. He also had a three season stretch with 83, 85 and 91 tackles.

    There are some that believe Lake did enough in his career to make it into the Hall of Fame; however, he probably won’t get there at this point.

7. Kordell Stewart, 1995

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    I seem to be much higher on Kordell Stewart than most Steelers fans I talk to and I was actually thinking about having him higher on this list.

    People only remember Kordell struggling at quarterback at the end of his career and not for when he started and truly earned his nickname of “Slash.”

    For what it’s worth, Kordell Stewart is currently 14th on the Steelers career rushing list, third in rushing touchdowns, third in passing yards and third in passing touchdowns.

6. LaMarr Woodley, 2007

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    Some may think Lamar Woodley is a little low on this list; however, he is just getting to the prime of his career and will be able to move up this list.

    Lamar Woodley is currently one of the best all-around linebackers in the game and one of the league’s best pass rushers.

    Woodley has accumulated at least 10 sacks in the last three seasons and was set to be a free agent this offseason before the Steelers franchised him.

    I am confident that the Steelers will get a deal done whenever the C.B.A. situation is resolved and Lamar Woodley will be with the Steelers for hopefully his entire career.

5. Levon Kirkland, 1992

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    For those that remember Levon Kirkland, he was an enormous linebacker at about 270-300 pounds and still had more than enough speed needed for his position.

    He was a dump truck playing defense for the Steelers and was just as good in pass coverage as he was in run support.

    Kirkland was waived by the Steelers for salary cap reasons before the 2001 season and finished his career with the team with 18.5 sacks and 11 interceptions.

4. John Henry Johnson, 1953

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    Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1987, John Henry Johnson was actually the first Steelers running back to amass 1,000 rushing yards in a season.

    When Johnson left the Steelers he was the team’s all-time leading rusher in both yards and touchdowns.

    He was the type of bruising back the Steelers love to this day, and yet was also a good receiver out of the backfield with 814 yards and six touchdowns in his career with the team.

3. Dermontti Dawson, 1988

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    Dermontti Dawson did not start at center in his first year because there was a Hall of Famer occupying that position in Mike Webster.

    Dawson ensued to take that spot the next season and would start 170 consecutive games at center for the Steelers until injury forced him to miss nine games in 1999.

    He was one of the best centers in NFL history and deserves and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame eventually.

2. Jack Ham, 1971

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    Jack Ham was one of the best outside linebackers to ever play the game and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988.

    He won the starting outside linebacker job as a rookie with the Steelers and was considered as one of the more cerebral players to ever play.

    Ham helped the Steelers win four Super Bowls, although he did not play in the last one. He finished with 25 sacks, 21 fumble recoveries and 32 interceptions in his career.

1. Jack Lambert, 1974

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    One of the most feared players to ever play in the NFL and is part of the famed Steelers 1974 draft which yielded four Hall of Fame players.

    Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1990, Jack Lambert brought speed, quickness and a toughness that epitomized the Steelers defense.

    He was named Defensive Player of the Year in 1976 and finished his career with 23.5 sacks, 28 interceptions, 17 fumble recoveries and four Super Bowl wins.