San Francisco 49ers 7-Round Mock with 14 Days Before the Draft

Michael TierneyAnalyst IApril 13, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 1: San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh looks on during the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 28, 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
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San Francisco 49ers Seven Round Mock with 14 Days Before the Draft

Needs:  QB - 34OLB - NT - CB - OC - WR - 34DE - FS - RB - ILB - OT – CB - 34OLB

Values per

1st Round (Pick 7 Overall)

CB Patrick Peterson, LSU, (value 8.6)

Alternate: CB Prince Amukamara, Neb (value 8.5) - if Peterson doesn't fall to seventh.

2nd Round (Pick 45 Overall)

34 OLB Akeem Ayers, UCLA (if available, value 7.8)

Alternate: 34 OLB Brooks Reed, AZ (value 7.4)

2nd Alternate: 34 OLB Jabaal Sheard, Pitt (value 7.1)

note: Brooks Reed has been falling in recent mocks, but he has mid-second round value.

3rd Round (Pick 76 Overall)

QB Ricky Stanzi, Iowa (value 5.8)

Alternate: CB Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson (value 6.2)

2nd Alternate: CB Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio St (value 6.0)

note: still a little early for a 2-year QB project, but the need is huge (trade down a few spots?)

4th Round (Pick 108 Overall)

NT Kenrick Ellis, Hamp (value 5.6)

Alternate: QB Ricky Stanzi, Iowa (value 5.8)

2nd Alternate: FS Robert Sands, WV (value 5.3)

4th Round (Pick 115 Overall)

OT Demarcus Love, Arkansas (value 5.3)

Alternate: OT Joe Barksdale, LSU (value 4.9)

2nd Alternate: OT Joshua Davis, GA (value 4.1)

note: primary needs filled

5th Round (Pick 141 Overall)

34 DE Bruce Miller, UCF (value 4.9)

Alternate: FS Deunta Williams, NC (value NR)

2nd Alternate: QB Nathan Enderle, Idaho (value 4.5)

note: Miller undervalued (17 TFL/12 sacks in 2009)

6th Round (Pick 174 Overall)

FS Robert Sands, WV (value 5.3)

Alternate: FS Deunta Williams, Boise State (value 3.4)

2nd Alternate: FS Jaiquawn Jarrett, GT (value NR)

6th Round (Pick 190 Overall)

FB Stanley Havili, USC (value 3.2)

Alternate: NT Sione Fua, Stan (value 3.2)

2nd Alternate: NT Jerrell Powe (value 3.1)

note: Jacquizz Rodgers fans – he has 6.2 value and won’t be available here

7th Round (Pick 211 Overall)

C Alex Linnenkohl, OR St (value 3.2)

Alternate: C Kris O’Dowd, USC (value 2.3)

2nd Alternate: C Zane Taylor, Utah (value 2.0)

7th Round (Pick 231 Overall)

NT/DE David Carter, UCLA (value 2.0)

Alternate: 34 DE Brandon Bair, Oregon (value 2.8)

2nd Alternate: 34 DE Lazarius Levingston, MS St (value 2.0)

7th Round (Pick 239 Overall)

WR Jeff Maehl, Oregon (value 2.0)

Alternate WR Sampson Demarco, SDS (value 2.0)

2nd Alternate: WR Joe Morgan, Walsh (value 2.0)

7th Round (Pick 250 Overall)

RB Noel Devine, WV, (value 3.4)

Alternate RB Allen Bradford, USC (value 2.0)

2nd Alternate: RB Mario Fanin, Aub (value 2.0)

Post Draft Free Agents Available (Offense):

QB Mitch Mustain, USC

RB Nic Grigsby, AZ

RB Matthew Asiata, Utah

RB C.J. Gable, USC

C Alex Linnenkohl, OR St

OT Derek Hall, Stanford

OT Zane Taylor, Utah

WR Jeremy Ross, Cal

Post Draft Free Agents Available (Defense):

NT Sealver Siliga, Utah

ILB Mike Mohamed, Cal

DE/OLB Kenny Rowe, OR

DE/OLB Thomas Keiser, Stanford

OLB Michael Morgan, USC

OLB Malcolm Smith, USC

CB Darian Hagan, Cal

CB Quinton Pointer, UNLV

CB/FS James Dockery, OR St

FS Keanemana Silva, Hawaii

Post Draft Free Agents Available (Special Teams):

K Thomas Weber, AZ St

K Kai Forbath, UCLA

P Trevor Hankins, AZ St

P Keenyn Crier, AZ


1st Round (Pick 7 Overall):  CB Patrick Peterson, LSU, (value 8.6)

2nd Round (Pick 45 Overall):  34 OLB Brooks Reed, AZ (value 7.4)

3rd Round (Pick 76 Overall):  QB Ricky Stanzi, Iowa (value 5.8)

4th Round (Pick 108 Overall):  NT Kenrick Ellis, Hamp (value 5.6)

4th Round (Pick 115 Overall):  OT Joe Barksdale, LSU (value 4.9)

5th Round (Pick 141 Overall):  34 DE Bruce Miller, UCF (value 4.9)

6th Round (Pick 174 Overall):  FS Deunta Williams, Boise State (value 3.4)

6th Round (Pick 190 Overall):  FB Stanley Havili, USC (value 3.2)

7th Round (Pick 211 Overall):  OC Kris O’Dowd, USC (value 2.3)

7th Round (Pick 231 Overall):  NT/DE David Carter, UCLA (value 2.0)

7th Round (Pick 239 Overall):  WR Jeff Maehl, OR (value 2.0)

7th Round (Pick 250 Overall):  RB Allen Bradford, USC (value 2.0)