Dodgers-Phillies: Comparable Pitching Staffs? Please!

Andrew EisenbergerContributor IOctober 7, 2008

There have been several arguments of late that the Phillies' pitching even comes close to matching the Dodgers. I write this article to rid us of all doubt that the Dodgers are superior.

Let's first look at the two best pitchers on their respective teams. Billingsley and Hamels are both young studs and will be great pitchers for years to come, but for this year, let's look at their numbers.

Billingsley: 16-10, 3.14 ERA 201 SO in 200.1 innings 

Hamels: 14-10, 3.09 ERA 196 SO in 227 innings

Billingsley struck out more batters in less innings and posted a better win-loss record on a team that was horrific in the first half of the season. But, all things considered, these two pitchers seem to be pretty close in their performance. Let's compare our next most effective pitchers, Lowe and Moyer.

Lowe: 14-11, 3.24 ERA with 147 SO in 211 innings.

Moyer: 16-7, 3.71 ERA with 123 SO in 196 innings.

These two veterans both had good seasons, but once again, Lowe out-pitched Moyer. He posted a worse record, but mind you, Lowe's record is very misleading. In his first eight losses, the Dodgers scored a total of SEVEN RUNS.

Lowe should have been a 20-game winner this year. Moyer, despite posting a good record, (his team played more consistently and won more games with offense) had a much higher ERA and less strikeouts.

Now, obviously, Moyer isn't a strikeout pitcher, but neither is Lowe, so please don't make that argument. On to Kuroda and Myers.

Kuroda: 9-10, 3.73 ERA 116 SO in 183 innings.

Myers: 10-13 4.55 ERA!! 163 SO in 190 innings.

Myers clearly wins the strikeouts category here, but look at that ERA. Sheesh! He also posted a worse record. As stated before, the Dodgers' offense was horrendous pre-Manny and Kuroda's 3.73 ERA shows that his record doesn't do him justice. Myers had a better offense all year and still posted a worse record.

The starting staff for L.A. definitely gets the trophy in this matchup, which leads me to believe that the series will easily go to the Dodgers. The bullpens, as you will see in a moment, are essentially equal, meaning that, in my opinion, the Dodgers have the upper hand if their starters pitch like they did in the NLDS.

Except for amount of saves, which goes to the Phillies by 12, the bullpens were, for the most part, the same.

Dodgers ERA: 3.33, whip 1.26, K's per 9: 8.62

Phillies ERA: 3.19, whip 1.38, K's per 9: 7.66

This should prove to be an interesting series, but comparing these pitching staffs and coming up with the conclusion that they are equal is absurd. I predict the Dodgers will win it in five.

What do you think?