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Anthony WeigelContributor IOctober 7, 2008

Hey everybody!
Sorry I know I have been lacking because I am extremely busy here with school and such. I am going to go into the Vikings game last night and also many other Minnesots sports but I want to start with the Twins.

First of all, many different websites such as the star tribune and kfan among others, have released many different opinions on what the Twins should do next season. One thing that has consistently come up except on is the Twins trading Delmon young. Now tell me, why the hell would you trade a guy who hit close to .300, had 60-70 rbis and 10 home runs. Yeah, he didn't come in and his 20 homers and have 120 rbis, but that guy was HUGE in the Chicago series. I know that he cannot take a pitch to save his life, but if he ever learned patience, he would be a much more powerful version of mauer. He naturally takes pitches the opposite way, but he just flicks his wrist and he can hit it over the fence. If he can learn patience, he will be deadly. If the Twins do trade Delmon, I think they will only perpetuate their offensive woes. However, what do they need? We need an everyday shortstop and third basemen. I think harris, punto and buscher right now are all bench players. Harris and Buscher are decent hitters and could be used in situational hitting. Punto is a glorified until player who plays everyday because we have no one else. I think signing someone like Orlando Cabrera would be nice. Also, if the price is right, trading for someone like Adrian Beltre who provides outstanding defense and also 25 home runs from a right handed hitter (which we need). If you have to trade an outfielder, I think it has to be either Cuddyer or Kubel. I think Kubel is a better hitter but is no where close on defense. Now, if you are going to keep span in right, then you have to trade Cuddy because he is not a DH. he is extremely good in right field. Now, if you want to gamble, I think you could attempt to trade Span. He is young and up incoming and I think you could get a really good, ready now third basemen or shortstop for him. Or potentially a very good reliever, especially an 8th inning guy which we need awfully bad. I don't think we should trade Span but I think he would be the guy out of those three you could get the most value for.

Onto the Vikings game last night, it was nice to get in the win column. Thankfully, Aaron Rodgers is finally starting to play how I thought he would as a first year starter and not totally lights out. It only took our coaches 4 games and 3 quarters to finally realize how good Berrian can be deep and it was wonderful to see us continuously going deep. Keep that up 2 more games and you might see another 200 yard game from AP. Our defense once again, was very solid. They seem ironically to struggle at the beginning and get better as the game goes on. What must improve...special teams. They have been brutal all season and Reggie Bush, who is above average as a return man, showed them for who they are. The loss of Farwell really is showing and they need to find people who aren't afraid to hit and need to add some experience to those coverage units. That being said, that blocked kick/TD was fresh and it's the 2nd or 3rd time we've blocked something this season. I would like to apologize to Frerotte. That was one of the guttiest performances I've seen in a while from a Vikings QB and he was getting absolutely blasted yet came out and threw that TD then led us down the field for the game winner. I have been a critic in thinking he wouldn't be that much better than Jackson but at the end of the game, you can clearly see the difference. Another thing I want to address is I know Jared Allen's sack totals are down but I cannot believe how much he gets back on that QB. He bats down passes and has tons of hurries. That being said, I do think he needs to get to that QB a few more times but we'll see what happens the rest of the season. Just an early week prediction, I think we will destroy the Lions this weekend and it better not be close if we want to be viewed as a serious contender.

Quick notes on the Wild, Wolves and Gophers.
- Wolves, excited to see them play. As much maligned as McHale has been, that trade for Mike Miller and Love was extremely good and I am excited to see them play with big Al. They should finish around .500 and I think they will be much improved.
- Sad year for the Wild. I think they have a chance to contend but if they can't lock up Gaborik, they will trade him before the deadline and we will not make the playoffs without him. I want him to stay because I love watching him play and I think they need to do everything to keep him here.
- Awesome year for Gopher football. I am not sure what happened if its the recruits or coaching but man have they done a good job. I know it was Indiana but holding a team with a pretty good offense to 7 points is pretty good. I am happy for those guys and hope they can get to a bowl game this year.
- Super excited for gopher basketball. Tubby has a great class coming in and has verbal commitments from the top 2 recruits in Minnesota for next season. get ready for some awesome gopher basketball teams int he next few years. If you wanna check out the recruiting stuff, go to and click on college basketball and then recruiting. It's a little confusing but it's interesting and you can do the same for football.

My last shout out, go Maverick hockey!! We will finish better than the top 6 in the WCHA this season and I am going to the game on Sat. Should be a blast

Hope all is well w/ everyone