Arizona Cardinals: Why Blaine Gabbert Is a Lock for the Cardinals at 2nd Overall

Aaron YoungCorrespondent IIIApril 11, 2011

Blaine Gabbert dropping back
Blaine Gabbert dropping back

With the 2011 NFL Draft coming up, it is time to look at who the Cardinals will draft in the first round. The quarterback position is an obvious issue in Arizona. Some people believe that if given time, John Skelton could develop into a good signal caller, but do the Cardinals have time to wait for him to develop?

Larry Fitzgerald has claimed that he wants out if the organization has not found a better answer at quarterback before next season. The star wide receiver is watching is future Hall of Fame candidacy going down the drain with no real passing threat to get him the ball.

The Cardinals are a very talented team on paper, but when Kurt Warner retired, the team fell apart.

The franchise is not far removed from a Super Bowl appearance, and the consensus is that as soon as Arizona has a real quarterback under center, they will automatically be contenders again.

Very few teams would like to see their very best football player leave, and therefore the Cardinals are left with only two options.

1)      They could trade for a veteran quarterback.

2)      They could draft their franchise quarterback.

The consensus is that the organization will look to trade for Kevin Kolb, but what has he done to prove he is a better option than drafting a quarterback?

Well, not a whole lot. Kolb has done okay for the Eagles in his few appearances, but he has by no means been spectacular. Blaine Gabbert could be.

Gabbert is widely considered the best quarterback prospect in this year’s draft, and the combination of his athleticism, smartness, quality arm and leadership ability wows scouts all around. He is arguably a better prospect than Sam Bradford was last year, and look at the turnaround the Rams had last season!

Initially, the Cardinals pick fifth overall this year, but Gabbert is expected to be long gone by then. However, the Denver Broncos pick second overall, and the word on the street is that they are looking to trade down gain more draft picks to fill their many needs.

This is where I predict a trade.

Right before the eyes of so many other quarterback-needing teams, the Cardinals grab Blaine Gabbert and immediately become contenders. This would go a long way to please Larry Fitzgerald, too.

This is a trade and a draft selection waiting to happen. Mark my words.

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