NFL Free Agency: Could Santonio Holmes Head to Baltimore This Offseason?

Alex BrooksCorrespondent IApril 10, 2011

Is Holmes Flying to Charm City this Offseason?
Is Holmes Flying to Charm City this Offseason?Nick Laham/Getty Images

According to ESPN, Santonio Holmes spoke out on his free agent status and told reporters his intentions this offseason.

"I want a contract, flat-out," Holmes told reporters in New Jersey.

He claimed that he deserves a long-term deal and wouldn't sign for a one-year deal with anyone.

After being given the cold shoulder by the Jets, Holmes said, "Whatever my agent brings to the table, the best deal for me, I'm pretty sure that's where I'll end up."

This could be bad news for Jets fans and good news for other fans throughout the NFL as Holmes doesn't seem to have an allegiance to any organization.

However, speculation of him returning to the Steelers seems out of the question; when reminded that he was traded he said, "I got released, I didn't get traded."

The Steelers shunned him after he received the four-game suspension and it doesn't look like either side will be looking back anytime soon.

Needless to say, Holmes will have many suitors and if he wants to get back at the Steelers for dealing him, then he may have a home in Baltimore.

The stars seem to have aligned for an unlikely reunion between the former enemies, and the Ravens will likely cut Willis McGahee in order to free up some cap space which could help make this move happen. 

Holmes would give the Ravens the deep threat that they desperately need and give Joe Flacco another weapon to work with as Houshmanzadeh will be leaving this offseason.

This potential move would obviously be an upgrade from Housh and the Ravens would be hurled into the Super Bowl talks once again.

There are things that work against Holmes going to the Ravens and there is always a chance that he ends up re-upping with the Jets.

The Ravens have to re-sign Pro Bowlers Haloti Ngata and LeRon McClain and Flacco has been outspoken on the fact that he wants an extension.

These could distract the Ravens from jumping at the chance to sign Holmes to a hefty contract, but he could be the missing puzzle piece to creating a Super Bowl-worthy team.