2011 NFL Mock Draft: Don't Forget About Marvin Austin and Other Exiles

Zachary CohenContributor IIIApril 9, 2011

2011 NFL Mock Draft: Don't Forget About Marvin Austin and Other Exiles

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    The college football season has ended and most of the names you'll hear drafted to teams in the 2011 NFL draft played most of their games without causing issues. Other players are going to be risky picks due to suspensions or character issues. 

    Teams have taken players with bad attitudes and suspensions, and it has paid off and they never heard of those issues again.

    Others haven't been so lucky and were stuck with guys who were horrible to have in the locker room.

    With that said, here is a list of players who could be drafted that are high risk, but high reward players. 

A.J. Green (WR, Georgia)

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    A.J. Green is a player that most will remember because he played during the end of the season for the Georgia Bulldogs. Green is widely considered the best wide receiver in the draft hands down, but he was suspended early in the year.

    Green was out four games for selling a jersey. 

    Not exactly an "exile", but it should definitely be noted that this major talent has broken the rules of the NCAA. 

Robert Quinn (DE, North Carolina)

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    Robert Quinn is one of the bigger name players who was part of that massive North Carolina suspension. Quinn is a monster of a defensive end and his talent is undeniable. 

    Quinn has the chance to be a great NFL player and he had a good combine, but his draft stock definitely took a major beating from being suspended. A player who looked like a first-round lock could be available in the late first or early second this year. 

Michael Floyd (WR, Notre Dame)

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    Floyd may not be very known for being suspended because it happened after the season. Floyd was suspended by Notre Dame for being arrest on suspicion of drunken driving. People didn't think that Floyd would enter the draft, but some feel that it's very likely he will be picked in the supplemental draft. 

    He's eligible for the supplemental draft, but it's not likely teams will be that interested in him because there's rumors that he will return to school and play in the fall. 

Jonathan Baldwin (WR, Pittsburgh)

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    One player whose character issues could catch up with him is Jonathan Baldwin out of Pittsburgh. Baldwin is a huge wide receiver with good hands and good route running ability, and potentially has first-round talent, but his character issues are a major question mark for opposing teams. 

    Baldwin hasn't been suspended or anything in college, but there are major doubts in his NFL talent just because of his habit of taking plays off. Teams and coaches feel that Baldwin doesn't play the game hard and that is a major red flag for a player. 

Derek Sherrod (OT, Mississippi State)

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    Sherrod is another player, like Baldwin, who coaches feel that on the field is an issue. Sherrod also didn't have any suspensions on his record, but some coaches are a little cautious when it comes to him. 

    Some of this talk has died down more, as of late, but again it should be noted that players who don't give it their all on the field aren't the most appealing players for teams to draft out of such a large field of players who can play the same position. 

Jimmy Smith (CB, Colorado)

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    Jimmy Smith was a highly coveted cornerback who played for Colorado in his collegiate career. Scouts saw Smith as a first or second-round talent, but he was arrested for possession of alcohol as a minor recently. 

    Smith could still find himself being drafted in the first round, as some feel that the arrest wasn't the worst thing in the world he could do. 

Marvin Austin (DT, North Carolina)

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    Marvin Austin is an incredible player who didn't play last season for North Carolina, but still will most likely be drafted in the first round based on pure talent. Austin was probably going to be top 15 pick in this draft if he wasn't suspended, but unfortunately, he was part of that North Carolina team that had some bad things happened to. 

    Austin will likely be picked late in the first round because he didn't play last year, but his combine results will make whichever team that is lucky enough to steal him very, very happy.