NFL Draft 2011: Five Reasons Why Cam Newton Is Not Worth Risking a Top Five Pick

Jim FolsomContributorApril 9, 2011

NFL Draft 2011: Five Reasons Why Cam Newton Is Not Worth Risking a Top Five Pick

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    Whether or not there is an NFL season this year, there will still be a draft. This may be the most excitement we get from the NFL this year. Teams may feel some added pressure this year to make a "Splash Pick" to hopefully keep the fans interested in coming back once the labor dispute is settled. This could lead to some risky picking.

    Cam Newton would surely make a splash in Carolina, Cincinnati, or any of the other cities who suffered through a lowly 2010 finish. However, if it were up to me and I had a top five pick, I would pass on Cam. Here are five reasons why.

Reason #1: Lack of Character

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    There's an old saying that "where there is smoke, there is fire". In Cam's college career you could burn down the Ocala National Forest with all the "smoke" surrounding one Mr. Newton.

    In his first college stop, the University of Florida, Cam was busted for stealing another student's laptop computer. When the police came to question him about it, he pitched it out the window.

    Let's examine that for a minute. It's bad enough that he is a thief, but he could have at least been a man about it, turned the laptop over and taken his punishment like a man. But he didn't do that did he?

    Then his "people" tried to make it sound like didn't know what he had done. They claimed he bought the laptop off somebody else and that HE was the actual thief.

    Here is really what happened according to an article appearing on the Gainesville Sun's website.

    At UF, the students all use the school's internet service provider. The student whose laptop Cam stole was tracked down by the University Police because his computer was illegally downloading music. When that student showed that he had reported it stolen, the police followed the location where it was currently being used. And guess where it led?

    According to that student, who by the way has no reason to lie, the computer was stolen from his dorm room and had HIS NAME etched on it with some kind of permanent marking. So Scam wants us to believe he had NO IDEA he was buying a stolen computer? That's probably because he is the one who stole it.

    Then we have the whole Mississippi State thing where we are supposed to believe that Scam had NO IDEA his father was shopping him to the highest bidder.

    So he's a thief AND he is a liar. And you want THIS guy to be your quarterback of the future?

    Quarterback is the most important position in football. He is your leader. He is the guy that everyone else has to trust. How can you trust this guy? At the very least he has very questionable ethics. At the very least he bought a laptop that any idiot should have known was stolen. At worst he is a flat-out criminal.

    You want to waste a top five pick on that?

Reason #2: Lack of Experience

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    What do we REALLY know about Cam Newton?

    We know he led Auburn to a National Championship. True.

    We know he racked up some serious numbers. Also true.

    But, we also only saw him for one season. One season where it all went right for him and his team.

    What is going to happen when he loses? What will happen when he throws that pick that costs his team the game? How will he react to adversity? We don't know. Nobody knows. Cam does not even know.

    You want to risk a top five pick on THAT big of an unknown?

    A guy who plays three or four years of college football is going to have some adversity. You have a little bit of an idea how he will react. With Cam? No idea.

Reason #3: He's Just Not That Great of a Passer

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    Did you watch the Oregon Game? Did you see how many guys he had WIDE OPEN and missed? Not just by a little bit either. He missed them by a LOT!

    Auburn could have and SHOULD have won that game by at least three TDs. But several times when they had a big play right there for the taking, Cam over threw his receiver, or under threw his receiver, or threw it behind his receiver.

    Drew Brees, this guy is not.

Reason #4: The Spread Offense

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    Quick, name a QB who ran the spread or some variation of the spread in college that is tearing it up in the NFL.


    Now let me name you some that are not. Some of these guys were high draft picks. Some were college stars.

    Alex Smith

    Pat White

    Vince Young

    Graham Harrell

    Chase Daniel

    Tim Tebow (OK the jury is still out on Tebow)

    Now name a QB that is at least as much of a run threat as he is a pass threat that has made it in the NFL in recent years.

    Mike Vick

    Uhhhh....OK there's also...uh...

Reason #5: Lack of Intelligence

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    Obviously, this guy is none too bright. He has a sweet gig at THE place to be to be a spread QB, Florida. And he blows it. He could have taken over for Tebow and been the next Tebow. Instead he decides that a used laptop is more important.

    Now lucky for him another spread guru, Gus Malzahn happened to have peeps willing to outbid Mississippi State for his services or Cam would have, according to Cam himself, gone to Mississippi State.

    According to Cam, he went to Auburn "because the money was too good." This is the statement of a guy who is a few bricks shy of a load on SO many levels.

    First, ANY idiot should know that in college football you CANNOT say you went to a certain school because "the money was too good"! Do you NOT know that's against the rules? Really?

    And you would have to gone to Mississippi State? Now MSU is a fine school and under Dan Mullen have had a pretty decent team. But MSU is a place that throws a party when they get invited to a dot com bowl.

    Yes it is true that had Cam gone there, there is a decent chance the Bulldogs would have won the Championship last year. But would a smart quarterback who has his pick of anywhere in the country take that chance?

    This is a guy you want to spend a top five pick on? Good luck with that.