New York Mets: Fred Wilpon Rips David Wright, Carlos Beltran, and Jose Reyes

James Stewart-Meudt@@JSMeudtCorrespondent IIMay 23, 2011

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - FEBRUARY 17:  Owner Fred Wilpon of the New York Mets addresses the media during spring training at Tradition Field on February 17, 2011 in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)
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In an absolutely mind-boggling series of quotes, New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon publicly expressed his disdain for his own players.

In an article for The New Yorker, Wilpon didn't show any desire to keep the faces of his franchise in town much longer.

David Wright, Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran better start watching their backs.

Still trying to clear himself of his connection with Bernie Madoff, claiming Wilpon had no idea Madoff was operating a Ponzi scheme, it's almost impossible to figure out why Wilpon would suddenly thrust himself into the news for yet another negative reason.

Of Reyes, Wilpon said, "He thinks he's going to get Carl Crawford money. He's had everything wrong with him. He's not going to get it."

Reyes is set to become a free agent at the end of this season, and it's been widely speculated that the Mets will be unable to resign him and will look to trade him instead.

Crawford received a seven-year, $142 million contract from the Boston Red Sox this offseason.

Buster Olney of ESPN believes Reyes will certainly receive a $100 million contract if he's healthy.

Reyes had expressed a desire to stay with the Mets but will not negotiate a new contract during the season. If the Mets want to resign Reyes, they need to hope for a big discount.

If fans had any hope Reyes would stick around, they can forget it now.

Why would Reyes leave millions on the table to play for an owner who clearly doesn't respect him or find him worth a large investment?

Wilpon might as well have packed Reyes' bags himself.

Wilpon also took the time to rip into another of his impending free agents, Carlos Beltan.

Beltran has battled a knee injury all season long, but has still managed to stay healthy and start nearly every day.

Wilpon told The New Yorker, Beltran is "sixty-five to seventy percent of what he was."

The sad part? Sixty-five percent of Beltran is still enough for him to be the best offensive threat the Mets have. Beltran leads the team in home runs (eight) and RBI (25) and has played in 44 of the Mets' 46 games so far this season.

For a guy who most didn't expect to even begin the season with the team, that's more than impressive.

So let's see here. Wilpon made sure to blast two of his top talents (as if the Mets have All-Stars at every position); what about David Wright?

Oh, Wilpon couldn't forget him.

Wright, currently on the DL with a stress fracture in his lower back, is "not a superstar," according to Wilpon.

If the Mets are going to start a fire sale at some point this season in an attempt to rebuild the franchise, Wright would certainly fetch the highest price.

He's under team control through 2012 and has repeatedly established himself as their best overall player. He's not without his flaws of course, but there aren't many perfect players.

But not a "superstar?" Please.

He's the face of the franchise, and if the Mets pull the trigger on Reyes and Beltran, Wright will be left as the only player worth coming out to Citi Field to watch.

So let's review.

The Mets are hemorrhaging money. They lost a reported $50 million last season and may lose as much as $70 million this season. Wilpon is on the hook for up to $1 billion by Irving Piccard, the trustee charged with returning funds to those who lost money with Madoff from those who profited (Wilpon). The Mets are currently two games under .500 and just lost two of three to the Yankees, proving once again who runs New York.

And now Wilpon, in his infinite wisdom, finds that now is the time to trash his players publicly and then expect them to perform for him?

The Mets have become an absolute circus, and however many fans felt that the Wilpons need to sell the team and move on only have more ammunition for their cause.

It's a complete joke and, quite frankly, an embarrassment.

Are Wilpon's comments a sign that the Mets will look to trade Reyes, Beltran AND Wright? Heck, they could trade all three of those players, closer Francisco Rodriguez and starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey if they really wanted.

If that happens, it would appear Wilpon would be motivated by spite, not by a desire to actually improve the Mets.

It's officially time for the Wilpons to cut ties with the Mets and hand the team off to someone who actually wants to be here.


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