10 Best Uniforms in the MLB

Aidan MackieSenior Analyst IApril 7, 2011

10 Best Uniforms in the MLB

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    One of the most important things in the MLB is a team's uniform. Many people judge teams off their appearance and it is very important for a team to look good in front of their fans. Many different things determine a good uniform, ranging from the color to the stripes to the logo. Uniforms can be influential and famous, like the Yankee pinstripes. Each team aims to have the best uniform, but ultimately it is up for the fans to decide. With that said, here are the 10 best uniforms in the MLB. 

10. Los Angeles Dodgers

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    The Dodgers uniform is simple and attractive, a plain white background with a blue "Dodgers" logo in the center. Due to the history of the team, the uniform in instantly recognizable and well known. With all the legends wearing that jersey, thank god it is attractive. 

9. St Louis Cardinals

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    Another classic franchise with another great jersey. The Cardinals uniform is great, with the bright red standing out on the white background. Two cardinals sit on the logo with the "C" wrapping over it. Once again, a simple but elegant uniform that looks great. 

8. Washington Nationals

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    While they may not be a classic franchise, the Nationals boast a great uniform. The red in the background stand out and it can be spotted from hundred of feet away. The cursive "W" on the upper right and the player's number on the bottom left are the icing on the cake to a great uniform. 

7. Philadelphia Phillies

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    Once again, a simple uniform makes a big mark. The Phillies uniform is a classic. 

6. New York Mets

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    The Mets home uniform is one of my favorite in the league. It just looks great all round, with the blue "Mets" writing in cursive outlined with orange along with the great logo on the sleeve. Once again, the Amazins' uniform is recognizable and attractive.

5. San Francisco Giants

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    The Giants home uniform is another classic. The black writing mesh perfectly with the orange outline and the white background. Add the new World Champion logo to the sleeve and you have got one of the best uniforms in the MLB. 

4. Boston Red Sox

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    The Red Sox uniform is an achievement. In their rivalry with the Yankees, even the uniforms play a role, and the Red Sox uniform is right up their with the epic Yankee pinstripes.

3. Chicago Cubs

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    The Cubs have everything. A great stadium, a great fan base and a great uniform. Too bad they can't turn that into a World Series Championship.

2. Texas Rangers

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    I love the Rangers uniform. The colors mesh perfectly and it looks outstanding. The defending AL Champions know how to make a jersey.

1. New York Yankees

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    Who else could be No. 1? The Yankee pinstripes is a tradition and a legacy. Once you put on that uniform, you are part of the elite, and who else wears that uniform better than Derek Jeter?