MLB: The Best and Worst Uniforms/Logos

Sean McGarveyContributor IIApril 6, 2011

MLB: The Best and Worst Uniforms/Logos

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    In Major League Baseball, there are some teams with brilliant logo designs and bright, flashy jerseys. Those are the teams I love to watch play everyday. The teams I can't stand are the ones with dull, boring colors and an unoriginal logos. I've selected my top 5 and my bottom 5 of each category.

The Worst. No. 5—Colorado Rockies' Pinstripes

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    Sorry Rockies, but there's only one team that can successfully pull off the full-body pinstripe look. They play in New York. These are just boring. 

    My Suggestion: How about a white jersey and some grey pants?

The Best. No. 5—Royal Blues

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    Recently, the Royals brought back the Powder Blues from back in the day. Maybe if they had some pitching, they could play like the Royals of old. 

The Worst. No. 4—Mariners

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    Wow, navy blue and grey. How Original. I miss the bright blue and yellow that Griffey Sr. used to wear.

    Suggestion: More Blue. More Green. Less Grey.  

The Best. No. 4—Giant Orange

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    In 2010, the Giants started wearing bright orange jerseys every Friday night. I think they should wear them every day.

The Worst. No. 3—the New Jays

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    I miss the good ol' days when Joe Carter leaped around the bases with the classic blue jay on the front of his jersey. I don't like this new "futuristic" look that has recently taken over Toronto.

    Suggestion: Bring back the old bird and the bright blue.

The Best. No. 3—Rockies Purple

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    All that purple is making Jamarcus Russel's mouth water. As for me, I couldn't love it more. One of the brightest and best uniforms in all of sports. And yes, I did just drop a Jamarcus on Codeine reference in my baseball article. 

The Worst. No. 2—Milwaukee Brewers

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    Why did the Brewers get rid of the classic blue jerseys with the mitt-shaped "MB" and the ball inside? The world may never know. That was (SPOILER ALERT!), without a doubt, one of the greatest uniforms in the history of sports.

    Suggestion: I think we can all answer this one.  

The Best. No. 2—the Brewers Throwbacks

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    Whoever designed this logo is literally a genius. The bright blue and yellow look awesome on the white pinstripes. 

The Worst. No. 1—the Padres

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    I would have loved to have been at the meeting where the Padres agreed on these uniforms. Here is my interpretation of what happened:

    Man No. 1: Hey, lets pick the two most boring colors possible and wear them on our uniforms.

    Man No. 2: How about dark blue and tan

    Man No. 1: It's perfect! Now all we need are some terrible players to wear them so we can lose a whole bunch of games!

    Suggestion: How about those blue and orange jerseys Ken Camenetti used to wear? Those were cool. 

The Best. No. 1—A's Yellow

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    This year, the A's brought back the classic "Swingin' A's" look that everybody loved so very much in the 70s. The new-look A's lineup in their new look uniforms could surprise a lot of people this season.