Miami Dolphins Draft Prospect 2011: WR Edmond Gates from Abilene Christian

Mark LeskoCorrespondent IIApril 4, 2011

One thing that is predictable about the Miami Dolphins front office is that they are completely unpredictable. Just when you think you have them figured out, they draft Pat White.

Bill Parcells always preached big and strong guys, but then drafts White, who is none of those things.

Now that Parcells is gone, the Dolphins front office can focus on just finding good football players instead of just looking at the big and strong ones.

I would like to bring Edmond Gates to the front office's attention.

Gates is a 6'0", 192-pound wide receiver out of Abilene Christian University.

Earlier this offseason, the front office promised to improve the team's speed and overall athleticism.

Well, Gates is the perfect opportunity to do just that and at a reasonable price.

At the NFL combine, Gates ran the 40-yard dash in 4.37 seconds, which was best among WRs. He also had a higher vertical jump than top-ranked prospect Julio Jones from Alabama.

Now the first reaction to a WR like Gates is to compare him to Ted Ginn Jr.; however, you would be mistaken to do so.

Gates is bigger and stronger than Ginn ever was. Gates put up 16 bench reps at the combine, just one less than Jones and only two less than A.J. Green. Jones and Green are 6'3" and 6'4", respectively, and both weigh over 200 pounds. For Gates to be anywhere close to them is very impressive.

Scouts are criticizing Gates for being too raw and needing a lot of work when it comes to his route-running skills.

This is true. Gates was a basketball star, but when that failed he picked up football. However, I heard many of the same things about DeSean Jackson when he came out of college. Jackson was supposed to just be a kick returner because he could not run routes well.

Jackson still may not be able to run routes well, but who cares? He just runs by every defender and goes for 80-yard touchdowns. Gates has the speed to do the exact same thing.

One red flag that I am slightly concerned about is that he comes from a troubled past. He came from a tough neighborhood and his father is in prison for murder. 

Players from troubled pasts are not always affected by their past (many use their pasts to make themselves better), but the Dolphins will need to make sure that his past is not going to negatively affect him.

According to, Gates is projected to be a third-round draft pick. That would be a perfect round for the Dolphins to take a chance on Gates.

At the end of last season, opposing teams were constantly double-teaming Brandon Marshall and clogging up Devone Bess' favorite underneath routes. The main reason was because they never had to worry about another WR going over the top.

I do not care if Gates does not know how to run a proper post route right away. I know he knows how to run as fast as he can straight up the field, which is all the Dolphins would need him to do. He would also bring some excitement to the punt return game and allow Bess to focus on his WR duties.

This draft pick would make total sense for the Dolphins, but as I said before, you never know what this front office is going to do.

Keeping my fingers crossed.