NFL Trade Speculation: Will the Denver Broncos Move Brady Quinn This Summer?

Brian MurtaughAnalyst IMarch 30, 2017

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Brady Quinn was once one of the most talked-about NFL prospects to enter the game when the Cleveland Browns selected him in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Quinn now sits the bench as the third string quarterback on a Denver Broncos team that does not seem interested in giving the former Notre Dame standout a chance at NFL redemption.

However, after the dust settled from the NFL Draft this April, Brady Quinn may once again become relevant within the Broncos organization, but for slightly different reasons.

Quinn may very well be a key trading block for the Broncos this summer as many teams will more than likely still be seeking quarterback help after the draft concludes.

Quinn did not exactly impress in his time with Cleveland as he threw 10 touchdowns opposed to nine interceptions while playing in 14 games, although he did have a key victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers on a Thursday night showdown.

When the Browns traded Quinn to Denver, many expected him to compete for the starting position with Kyle Orton and possibly become the new face of the franchise. The Broncos obviously had other ideas, as the team drafted Tim Tebow only weeks after the trade and demoted Quinn to the third string.

Quinn's only action with the Broncos came in the preseason as he played in all four games but failed to impress as he was sacked seven times and connected on one touchdown in 32 attempts.

It is hard to judge what the value of a player like Quinn would be due to the fact that he did not see the field in 2010. Teams that are weak at the position like the Seattle Seahawks or Tennessee Titans may be willing to take a chance to see if Quinn can fill a hole over the course of the next few seasons.

Denver has reportedly worked out multiple quarterbacks in preparation for the 2011 NFL Draft but the organization seems confident that Tebow and Orton will be the signal callers moving forward.