Seattle Seahawks: With the 25th Pick...a Brief History of Number 25

Andrew EideCorrespondent IMarch 31, 2011

Who will Carrol nab with the 25th pick?
Who will Carrol nab with the 25th pick?Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The week leading up to last seasons winner-take-all-finale against St. Louis, Seahawk Nation was a divided fan base. With the, up to that point, lousy season Seattle had endured many thought it would be more beneficial to lose against the Rams in order to gain a better draft pick.

Now, had they lost, Seahawk fans would have been robbed of the amazing upset win against the Saints, with Matt Hasselbeck finding the fountain of youth and the Beast Quake. All great memories that made the win against the Rams all worth it.

With the draft a month away, the smoke has cleared and the emotions have come back down to Earth, so what about that lower draft pick?

Seattle, because of their winning the NFC West, are all the way down the first round with the 25th pick overall.

Is there still Pro Bowl talent available at 25? Was winning the NFC West worth it?

Had Seattle lost that final Sunday night they would have ended the season at 6-10 and would have the 8th pick in the draft.  With a big quarterback need they might be salivating at the choice of picking up Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton.

Both of those guys will be gone at 25, and with a lot of needs, the Seahawks could go in many directions.

They could go quarterback, although it might be a reach at 25, they could go with a corner back, offensive lineman or a pass rusher.  All are legitimate needs and would be understandable positions to select.

But what kind of quality can they expect down there?

Believe it or not, history shows that if they do their homework, there is gold to be mined at the bottom of the first round.

Looking back over the past ten drafts there have been two pro-bowlers (Mike Jenkins and Jon Beason) drafted at 25. Former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes was drafted with the 25th pick and we'll have to wait and see what becomes of last year's 25th pick, Tim Tebow.

Teams have missed at 25, as have teams at all positions, but Clay Matthews was still on the board in 2009 when Miami drafted Vontae Davis at 25. As was Reggie Wayne when the Eagles picked up Freddie Mitchell, and his mouth, at 25 in 2001.

Understandably the number eight pick has yielded better results over the last ten years. There were four pro-bowlers selected with the eighth pick over that time.

There have also been some big misses, such as when Chicago picked wide receiver David Terrell in 2001 and so far defensive end Jamaal Anderson hasn't lit the world on fire in Atlanta.

The bottom line is that Seattle didn't mortgage the future by winning the woeful NFC West last year, as long as they are diligent in their scouting.

If they choose right they could be picking up a future Pro-Bowler or Super Bowl MVP, if not, they could be looking at the next Freddie Mitchell.