NFL Trade Scenarios: 10 Shocking Names Who Could Be in Line for a Trade

Alex MonacoContributor IIMarch 28, 2011

NFL Trade Scenarios: 10 Shocking Names Who Could Be in Line for a Trade

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    During this unsettling state that is the 2011 NFL offseason, we still have one thing to keep us busy: trade talk.  

    Teams have more time than ever to sit back, assess their rosters, and make the best possible decisions for the future of their franchises.

    In this offseason, we could be seeing some big time names change uniforms.  Will it shift the power of the NFL?  Absolutely.  Will it stir up controversy?  Absolutely.  Will it give us something to debate and argue over while we're sitting here twiddling our thumbs?  Say no more.  

    Here's a look at some superstars that could be on the move once the CBA is signed and football is a go. 

10. Ryan Grant

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    The 2010-2011 NFL season for the Green Bay Packers couldn't have been more tantalizing.  Injuries plagued the team week in and week out making it harder and harder on the guys that still remained atop the depth chart.

    One of those key injuries was starting running back (at the time) for the Packers, Ryan Grant.  Grant won the starting running back role in Green Bay and in his second year on the job, suffered a season-ending ankle injury back in Week 1 of the 201 NFL season.  

    Since then, the Packers have won a Super Bowl.  They've also moved on to a guy by the name of James Starks, who took over at running back position when Grant went out.

    This is one of those instances where Grant gets the short end of the stick because of injury.  He's due $3.5 million in 2011, and the Packers will probably elect to try and trade him to a team that could use his services a little more than the Pack can at this point in time.

9. Nate Clements

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    Nate Clements was made a rich man by the 49ers in 2007 when he signed an eight year, 80 million dollar contract.  Since then, Nate hasn't really lived up to the expectations San Francisco thought he would accumulate to.

    Herein lies the problem.

    The 49ers asked Nate to take a pay cut this offseason in order to stay with the team.  With Nate's contract, there are all kinds of do's and don'ts that factor into a possible circumstance like this one presents.

    San Francisco wants something to change regarding Nate's status with the team. If he's not going to play for less money, than he will most likely be traded.  

    There are a ton of teams that could swap for Clements, including the Philadelphia Eagles.  A Kolb for Clements trade seems pretty fair to me.  Why not?

8. Willis McGahee

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    In 2007, McGahee signed a seven year contract worth $40.12 million.  Since then, Willis has lost his starting job, dealt with nagging injuries like he has most of his career and made it extremely difficult for the Ravens to divvy up playing time between him and Ray Rice.

    If the Ravens want to make it easy on themselves, they should trade McGahee.  

    He still has gas left in the tank, he knows what it's like to win and he wants the ball because he feels he's a playmaker.  All good things.

    If there's a team that wants to give him the ball 20 times a game, then they should give the Ravens a call.

    How about the team down in South Beach?

7. Albert Haynesworth

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    Everybody welcome the $100 million man to this week's edition of what's what in the NFL (applause).

    Haynesworth bothered Shanahan and the Washington Redskins last season to a point  where they no longer had desire to start him.

    Imagine being paid that much money to ride the pine!

    Fortunately for Albert, he feels he has plenty left to give to a team that will welcome him in with open arms. Unfortunately for the Redskins, Haynesworth has made a mockery of so called "'discipline" in the NFL for athletes.  For that reason alone, it will be tough for Washington to try and find someone to trade for Haynesworth.  

    Until then, we'll keep throwing his name in trade scenarios because I see no way the Redskins will be able to put up with another year of Albert and his antics.  

6. Devin Hester

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    Although it seems like a rather unorthodox move for Chicago, in the long run, they may reap the benefits of trying to trade Devin Hester.

    With the new kickoff rule in effect, the Bears are probably the team that's going to suffer the most.  With touchbacks likely to become much more frequent, the Bears are now looking at Devin Hester primarily as a wide receiver.

    He's in the middle of a four-year $40.98 million contract, and his wide receiver skills are still being developed.  

    He was an experiment when he entered the league, and after some fine tuning, is now looked at as a legitimate threat on offense.

    However, the Bears are spending a lot of money on him.  

    There's a ton Hester can offer any team that wants to trade for him.  The Bears might be smart to lower some cap and acquire a new kind of weapon that leads them closer to a Super Bowl ring.

5. Vince Young

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    The Titans, even though Jeff Fisher has resigned, will still likely trade Vince Young.  Young's been an interesting case, having some ups and certainly having some downs so far in the NFL.  

    Regardless, he's due $8.5 million in 2011, and a $4.25 million roster bonus in the 2011 offseason. That's way too much money for a quarterback that's essentially done in Tennessee.  

    So, the Titans will assess some options they have of possible teams they can make a trade with.  Top candidates include: Arizona, Miami, Minnesota and San Francisco.  

4. Kyle Orton

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    The Broncos are going to have to make a decisive decision at the quarterback position this offseason. As for now, John Elway claims that Kyle Orton is the starter.  I'm simply not buying it.

    Orton is in the second year of his contract and is expected to earn a little over $7 million in 2011.  With Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn also on the roster under contract, someone is likely to go due to financial reasons.

    Kyle showed he could make plays this season throwing 20 touchdowns for 3,653 yards.  The Broncos could certainly get some value for Mr. Orton.

3. Reggie Bush

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    Although Reggie is one of those players that everybody loves, people need to recognize that the NFL is still a business and no player's future is safe with a team. 

    Reggie Bush is due $11.8 million in 2011.  That's a lot of money. 

    We all thought Reggie would turn out to be something more than he was in New Orleans, but that's beside the point.  The Saints have some serious soul searching to do with the future of Reggie Bush, who's expected to be a free agent in 2012.  

    There's a ton of teams that could use Bush.  If the Saints aren't going to re-sign him because of how much money he's going to want, they might as well trade him and get something in return.

2. Kevin Kolb

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    There is no other situation in the NFL that's more frustrating than current Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb's.  

    Kolb, just one short season ago, believed he was going to be the guy to take over for Donovan McNabb. Then a guy by the name of Michael Vick rolled into town and stole his thunder.

    Now, the 26 year old, who's got one year left on his deal, is in a predicament to say the least.  

    There is a ton that Philly needs to improve on defensively to get back to where they were a couple seasons ago atop the league in defensive statistics.

    The Eagles would be wise to trade him.  Kolb is the Eagles' leading marketing tool in order to improve in other aspects of their team.  They should make a move.

1. Donovan McNabb

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    For McNabb hopefuls out there, there's still opportunity.  The Washington Redskins are likely to deal McNabb to either Arizona, Miami, San Francisco, Minnesota or any other team that wants his services.

    Donovan had a rough exit from Philly just a year ago, and an even more difficult time in Washington D.C. under head coach Mike Shanahan.

    McNabb can still play, there's no doubt about that.  He's healthy, confident and is now playing with a chip on his shoulder more so than ever before.

    McNabb has never wanted a chance at a Super Bowl ring more than he does right now.  Teams need to recognize that.

    Whoever takes a chance on McNabb is genius.  Absolutely genius.