NFL Power Rankings 2011: Rating All 32 Teams' Full Uniforms

Joseph HigginsContributor IIMarch 28, 2011

NFL Power Rankings 2011: Rating All 32 Teams' Full Uniforms

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    There's an old saying that goes: "Clothes make the man." Does the same go for professional football teams' uniforms?

    Do franchises jersey's and color schemes make them great or not?

    Well, if a team's attire to determine their play on the field, that'd be pretty crazy. Nevertheless, there are teams in NFL who have uniforms that are just unbearable. Others have ones that fans from across the country (even if they don't root for the team or player) who will seek out and purchase a jersey just for the look.

    Another trend that has become popular throughout the NFL and even other leagues is the introducing of throwback uniforms. A blast from the past if you will. 

    Some teams rock them and others don't.

    We're going to take a step back from rating players and teams during the offseason and switch gears to another power ranking system. The system being fashion.


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32. Cleveland Browns

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    The color brown used to be very popular as a team's color scheme back in the early 20th century. Pants were often brown or other dark colors.

    But to mix that color with a bright orange? The two just don't seem to flow well. 

    Sure, when you have a team that's name is in fact the "Browns" it would seem silly to not have brown be somewhere in the uniform's hue. 


31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Don't get me wrong, I think that the 'Bucs' throwback uniforms are among the best in the NFL. They'd be higher on the list if they made those their primary colors again.

    Other than that, their choice of using pewter as one of their main colors just doesn't fit too well. A mixture of rusty gold and brown just doesn't sound like a good hue without looking at it.

30. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Some might be surprised to see the Bengals this low on the list—especially since we're not talking about a team's talent or outlook for next season...

    The orange is too bright and can blind one when they look directly into it.

    Their away uniforms are very indecisive as well. Half of the chest part is white and the other half is orange.

    A good color scheme but they could work with it more to make it look better. One of the few teams in the NFL that have kept their uniform pretty much the same throughout their time as a franchise. 

29. Seattle Seahawks

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    You thought there regular uniforms weren't that great, just look at the alternates. It could easily make someone woozy.

    Just like the 'Bucs, Seattle used to have very sharp jerseys back in the seventies and eighties—just ask Steve Largent.

    Home jersey's just have too much blue for comfort.

28. Carolina Panthers

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    Could Carolina's uniforms been the cause of their atrocious season just a few months ago?

    Probably not. While their home shirts look pretty nice, that's all they have going for them.

    Their alternate uniforms are blinding and their logo just looks like a black shark fin with whiskers. 

27. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Is that blue? Or green? 

    It's actually teal, a very odd choice for the Jag's. Their away uniforms barely even have any teal in the hue at all. 

    Personally I think that their logo is one of the better ones in the NFL. Perhaps they should change the teal to gold (like the logo,) that'd look pretty sleek.  

26. Washington Redskins

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    Again, just like the Jags, the 'Skins have one of the better and more detailed logos in the entire league, but that gold/yellow mask is just a killer.

    It's almost as if they spilled a bunch of mustard all over their uniforms and just left it there to dry and harden.

    The burgundy is a pretty nice and smooth color, however.

25. St. Louis Rams

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    Ever since the Rams won the Super Bowl in 1999, their colors have been very bland and bleak. They went from the very solid blue, gold and white to an alternative of New Century Gold and Millennium Blue (fitting, right?)

    Maybe the switching of colors is why they haven't seen the Super Bowl in over ten years now.

24. Tennessee Titans

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    Tennessee's uniforms actually aren't that bad, but their logo isn't great looking as well.

    They're getting put towards the bottom of the list because they used to have one of the coolest, and best looking uniforms in the NFL—the Houston Oiler jerseys.

    I know it wouldn't make much sense for them to be the Tennessee Oilers, again, but at least keep the jersey's, man.

23. Arizona Cardinals

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    Well, it's a step up from their uniforms of the nineties and eighties, but everything just seems too boring. 

    Their alternate jersey's are really good looking, adding the black as the main color makes everything look better.

22. New Orleans Saints

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    It seems that most teams will choice the standard black and white colors then pick a wildcard to mix into the scheme. 

    The Jags did it by adding teal, the Panthers with their custom "Panther Blue," Atlanta and their third color of red etc.

    What did the Saints add? Old Gold.

    Why? Who knows. It doesn't seem to look flashy and it gives off this, musty, bland appearance. 

21. New York Jets

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    Gang green, more like gag green. Just kidding.

    They keep it simple, just two, normal colors. But simple can be sometimes boring.

    It may seem like I'm being too picky and bouncing back from "too bright" to too "bland," but just look at the logo as well. They should do something with it, perhaps add a "jet" or go back to the logo of the seventies and eighties.

    Oh yeah, their alternate jerseys are just horrendous. 

20. Philadelphia Eagles

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    I'm keeping the Jets and Eagles closley knit because they use similar color schemes in their jerseys.

    Philly uses a deeper green and adds black into the mix to make it a little bit more busy, but still keep a presentable appearance. 

    They'd be a lot higher on the list if they stuck with their throwback uniforms hue.

19. Miami Dolphins

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    Everything is fine until they put on their third jerseys. The orange is too much.

    Aside from that, the color scheme is very fitting for their location and their logo. The dolphin with the helmet was one of my favorites when I was a kid and is one of the best in the NFL.

    A team that has kept their wardrobe pretty much the same throughout their history and it has worked out well.

18. Indianapolis Colts

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    Speed blue and white. The two colors make for a sharp looking uniform.

    Again, a uniform that has kept its shape throughout history and might need a change sometime in a future.

17. Detroit Lions

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    They need to bring back their alternate jerseys that they sported from 2002 to 2008. The black on silver on honolulu blue looked very flashy yet professional at the same time.

    However, the third jerseys they wear now are way too boring. Blue shirt, silver pants and silver, logo-less, helmet. 

16. Oakland Raiders

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    The Raiders color scheme has become a their stadiums new color as well. Every game is filled with stands that shine silver and black, even in the hot months of August and September. 

    They have one of the coolest logos in the NFL, but the colors appear to be very dark and depressing, much like the fans of Oakland have been for the past, almost, ten years now.

15. Kansas City Chiefs

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    Like that of their divison rivals the Oakland Raiders, KC's colors have become a staple point at Arrowhead Stadium. The Red Sea, as some may call it, consists of every single fan in the stadium bearing the color red.

    A simple, almost bland, look to their uniforms, they could look to possibly add their "gold" color into their alternate jerseys for an unique look.

14. Baltimore Ravens

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    They don't rock the purple as well as the Vikings, (we'll get to them later) but when they douse themselves in all black, there's no better looking jersey in the NFL. Personally that should be their primary uniform, but hey, who am I to decide that?

    Good logo, good hue of darker colors, a sleeper jersey (if you will) in this particular power ranking. 

13. Houston Texans

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    The Texans are the first team that's apart of a four-slide segment. Why? Because they, along with three other teams, share very similar color schemes that are all very close in ranking.

    While they rock the darkest colors among the other three squads, their alternate jersey has to be the worst looking.

    All red? Just hope no bulls run onto the field.

12. New England Patriots

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    The addition of the color silver can be too much, they already have three other primary colors. 

    They can start looking like their old jerseys if they get rid of the silver and I have to say, their throwbacks are quite nice. If the old logo could be in a contest with today's logos, it'd probably take the cake.

11. New York Giants

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    They lack an elite logo, but they make up for it with simplicity that still looks good. 

    Only thing that I'd throw out: their red tops that they wear every now and then. You're nicknamed "Big Blue" for a reason!

10. Buffalo Bills

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    We finally cracked the top ten and ended the four-slide segment with the Buffalo Bills. 

    They too have a darker blue mixed into their scheme, but the bright red evens it all out.

    One of the classiest throwbacks in the NFL, their white helmet with the old school logo looks amazing. 

9. San Francisco 49ers

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    Nevermind what I said before about gold not working for some teams, because it certainly works for this team. 

    First of all, it's fitting. The nickname "49ers" is for all the miners back in the 1800s during the California GOLD RUSH. Tell me that doesn't make sense.

    A good look and a jersey that has a lot of history wore by one of the greatest franchises in the NFL.

8. Denver Broncos

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    I'll say it again: it's the history of the uniform that makes it appear this high on the list. 

    It's a new age so obviously uniforms are going to change, but teams (like the Broncos) still maintain a facade that's appealing.

    Their third jersey with the orange top is pushing it a little bit, but when they put on the throwback jerseys that were wore from 1968 to 1996, there's no contest—best looking uniform in the league.

7. Chicago Bears

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    Simplicity and tradition: those two words describe both Chicago's uniforms and franchise.

    The only modifications they've made are mixing the colors around and changing their "C" from white to burnt orange in 1973.

    A classic uniform and a great color scheme along with a very attractive throwback uniform earns Chicago the number seven spot.

6. Green Bay Packers

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    It looks like the Packers beat out the Bears again...

    Like it not Green Bay took two colors that disgusting and put them together to make an awesome jersey.

    Wish I could say the same about their "bulls-eye" throwback uniforms. 

5. Minnesota Vikings

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    Now here to round out the portion of the NFC North are the Purple People Eaters. Wonder how they got that nickname?

    The color could be considered a risk, considering this is a men's sport, but it seemed to work out for them. 

4. San Diego Chargers

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    Nothing is better than those power-blue uniforms with the white helmet and the lightning bolts.

    Their normal, navy blue tops may seem a little drab, but if The Bolts were to make their powder-blue tops their primary, they'd be trend setters.

3. Atlanta Falcons

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    The Dirty Birds make the red work for them. Add in the black and white and you have one of the best outfits in the league.

    When they kick it old-school, the red helmet mixed with the black top gives them a lot of flair.

    Although there isn't much history behind this uniform, it still is extremely good looking.

2. Dallas Cowboys

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    They have one of the NFL's best uniforms because they are recognized throughout the nation, and the world, as America's Team. No matter what state you live in you'll find a 'Boys fan.

    Is this because of their uniform? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless it's a very sharp looking get-up and has remained the same ever since the franchise was established. 

    A simple uniform with a lot of pizazz. 

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow...

    I like this jersey for two reasons: it's a great hue of colors and because Pittsburgh is the only city whose franchises keep a constant color scheme. No need to be different, just keep everything the same.

    Everything makes sense: their logo is adapted from the American Iron and Steel Institute and their name is based off of Pittsburgh's biggest industry—steel. 

    All their uniforms from when they first came onto the scene up until now have been outstanding and they have the best uniforms in the NFL.