NFL Trade Scenarios: Will Arizona Target Kevin Kolb, Marc Bulger or Draft a QB?

Chris LeydenCorrespondent IIMarch 29, 2011

NFL Trade Scenarios: Will Arizona Target Kevin Kolb, Marc Bulger or Draft a QB?

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    The NFL Draft is only a month away and the Arizona Cardinals are finalizing their draft plans.

    The Cardinals are in an interesting spot at number five because there is a chance either Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert will still be remaining, but there is also a chance both will have already been taken.

    With the uncertainty surrounding every pick of the draft this year the Cardinals may look elsewhere with their fifth pick and instead go after a quarterback through a trade or free agency.

    Two players that seem to have caught the eyes of many Arizona fans are Marc Bulger and Kevin Kolb.

    Bulger had proven he can perform in the past while many consider Kolb to have the potential to be a top flight quarterback.

    The Cardinals quarterback situation is not easy to decipher, but I will attempt to lay out the pros and cons of each option in this slide-show.

    Feel free to comment below with what decision you believe the Cardinals will make.

Kevin Kolb- Strenghts

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    Kevin Kolb currently backs up Michael Vick on the Philadelphia Eagles after losing the starting role following an injury.

    Kolb has shown flashes of brilliance in his brief NFL career, and many experts believe he could be the real deal if given complete control of a team.

    Kolb's strength is that he had an amazing college career at the University of Houston where he had a career passer rating of 98.5.

    Another strength of Kolb is that he is similar to both of the quarterbacks that were in the Super Bowl in that he can make plays on his feet and is able to improvise. In this day and age of the NFL quarterbacks that can make decisions on the run have an amazing value.

    Maybe the biggest benefit of Kolb compared to Bulger is that he is still very young at age 26 and can give a team 10 good years at the helm.

Kevin Kolb- Weaknesses

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    While how young Kevin Kolb is may be considered a strength, on the flip side one could argue that his lack of NFL experience is a weakness.

    Kolb has only started seven NFL games in his career, and his stats from games he has played in will not blow anyone out of the water.

    Kolb has actually throw 14 interceptions to 11 touchdowns and he fumbled six times in seven games last season.

    Another part of Kolb that may turn teams away from him is that fact that he has publicly said he wants out of Philadelphia if he is not the starting quarterback. While some could say this shows leadership and a wanting to play, I look at it more as being too self-centered.

    Kolb has a career passer rating of 73.2 and with the chance of him turning into a star quarterback with the Cardinals comes the chance he is an absolute dud.

Marc Bulger- Strengths

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    Marc Bulger's career has been on somewhat of a tailspin the past few years, but this could largely be due to the fact that the talent level of the Rams has gone downhill.

    Bulger has had some very successful years with the Rams including back-to-back seasons with single digit interception totals.

    Bulger has proven himself as someone who when he has the right pieces around him can lead a team to the playoffs and maybe even to a Super Bowl.

    Bulger is more of a pocket passer than Kolb, but that is not exactly a bad thing as his risk of injury is less.

    The Cardinals already took a washed up St. Louis Rams quarterback and made it to the Super Bowl with Kurt Warner, and maybe they can do the same thing with Marc Bulger.

Marc Bulger- Weaknesses

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    One of the biggest dents on Bulger's armor is the fact that he did not play at all last season and was instead backing up Joe Flacco in Baltimore.

    For a 33-year-old quarterback to take a season pretty much off and then come back and perform at a high level is no easy task.

    As mentioned in the last slide, the past few years have been pretty bad for Bulger. In the past three seasons that Bulger has played he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns.

    This could be him showing signs of aging, in which case the Cardinals would not get very much out of these next few years.

    Although Bulger has a proven track record, there are risks associated with his age that could turn Arizona away.

Draft a Quarterback- Strengths

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    The number one strength of drafting a rookie quarterback is that it immediately makes your franchise noteworthy again and brings a certain buzz to your team.

    If the Cardinals are able to get their hands on Cam Newton or Blaine Gabbert they will bring excitement to Arizona.

    Another benefit of drafting a quarterback is that there is always potential for the player to pay-off immediately like Sam Bradford did last season.

    Newton would be a great addition to a high flying offense while Gabbert would be very beneficial to the play of Larry Fitzgerald.

    Drafting a quarterback could pay off in a big way if the Cards can land one of the top two.

Draft a Quarterback- Weaknesses

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    Plenty of great college quarterbacks have turned into huge duds in the NFL, and this year could be no different, especially with Cam Newton.

    Newton was a beast in college with his throwing and running skills, but many experts don't see that transforming over to a faster NFL game.

    Another negative to drafting a rookie quarterback is that often it takes a few years to develop them, so the Cardinals would likely not be contenders for at least a season.

    Not exactly a weakness of drafting a rookie, but more a problem this year is that if the Cardinals wait until the draft to go after a quarterback and both stars are taken before their pick, then they run the risk of Kolb and Bulger being locked up before they can make a move.

    In a draft class with no classic stud quarterback the Cardinals run a big risk with any college QB they pick.


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    Although every player in the discussion has strengths and weaknesses the player that best works for the Cardinals is Kevin Kolb.

    The way I see this working out is that the Cardinals are going to wait until after the draft to make a move in case Cam Newton falls into their lap.

    With Newton and Gabbert both being drafted before the Cardinals make their pick they are going to look elsewhere and ignore the remainder of the weak QB class.

    The Cardinals are then going to pry Kolb from the Eagles hands and peg him as the leader of their team.

    Kolb's style of play seems to work well with the up-tempo offense of the Cardinals and he should benefit from the talent Arizona is able to put around him.