NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams Who Will Try and Trade Down in the 2011 Draft

Chris LeydenCorrespondent IIMarch 27, 2011

NFL Trade Speculation: 5 Teams Who Will Try and Trade Down in the 2011 Draft

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    The NFL draft is only a month away and teams are starting to get serious about what their plan of attack is for the big day.

    Every year a number of teams decide that where they are picking in the draft is not worth that value of a player they would receive in return and opt to trade down.

    Often times this is determined by what position the best available player plays, and if it does or does not work for their organization.

    There may also be more trade downs this year than years before because of the uncertainty of the collective bargaining agreement.

    With this in mind this slide show predicts five teams that could be moving down in the first round on draft day.

    Feel free to comment below with what teams you think will be moving down on draft day.

Carolina Panthers—No. 1

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    In what was a very weird year in college football, there is no set number one player coming out of school. Because of that, the Carolina Panthers may want to trade down a few spots and not be forced into choosing.

    Often times it is well known before the beginning of the draft who is going No. 1, but so far the Panthers have given no signs as to who they are leaning towards.

    There are a solid four or five players who have pushed themselves ahead of the pack, but even they are not a sure thing.

    If the Panthers are able to receive good value for the first overall pick, it would seem logical to move down and potentially get the same amount of value at the third or fifth pick, as they would at the first pick.

Minnesota Vikings—No. 12

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    The Minnesota Vikings are in desperate need of a quarterback after Brett Favre went down with an injury and retired.

    Word coming out of Minnesota is that they are very high on Washington quarterback Jake Locker who was projected to be a very high pick last year but was somewhat of a disappointment this season.

    It seems highly unlikely that Locker will be drafted before the end of the first round or beginning of the second round, and if the Vikings like him that much, they may trade down for him.

    There is an argument for the fact that the Vikings could trade up from their second-round pick but Minnesota is better than their draft slot and don't need to trade away players or later picks by moving up.

Miami Dolphins—No. 15

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    The Miami Dolphins are in a very awkward place in the draft because anyone they want to fix their weaknesses will likely be gone, and anyone else they would be interested in is not projected to go until later in the round.

    The Dolphins are very interested in both the quarterback and running back position but after Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert there is a huge drop off in that talent poll.

    In a shockingly weak running back class, the best running back is probably Mark Ingram and he is projected by many to be a late first round, maybe even second-round pick.

    If Newton and Gabbert are gone, the Dolphins may move down to the end of the first round where players that fill their holes better are available.

Jacksonville Jaguars—No. 16

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    David Garrard actually had a solid year for the Jacksonville Jaguars last season but the Jags may still look for a quarterback early on in this draft.

    For the same reason the Dolphins may trade down, both Newton and Gabbert should be gone when the Jags draft and they may move down if they still want to go on the quarterback route.

    A lot of Jags fans like the local college star Christian Ponder from Florida State, but he is not projected to be a first-round pick.

    If Jacksonville is serious about Ponder they may trade down or completely out of the first round in return for a veteran player they could put around Ponder and then go after Ponder in the second round.

New England Patriots—No. 17 and No. 28

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    The New England Patriots holds two first-round picks after receiving the 17th draft slot in return for shipping Richard Seymour to Oakland.

    No team has consistently moved down in the past few years drafts than the New England Patriots. It seems that every year Bill Belichick finds the jewels in the later rounds and stocks his team with those players.

    Also the Patriots were very close to making the Super Bowl last year and don't need the 17th best college player but rather just a few small pieces around the edges.

    The Patriots may keep one of these two first-round picks, but I would bet the Pats won't be taking two players in the first round.