Sam Bradford the Next Tom Brady?: Josh McDaniels Named St. Louis Rams QB Coach

Michael KellerAnalyst IIIMarch 27, 2011

From Belechick's brain to Josh's mouth to Brady's ear.
From Belechick's brain to Josh's mouth to Brady's ear.A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Fresh from having almost finished his destruction of the Denver Broncos, Josh McDaniels was handed the job of St. Louis Rams QB coach to go along with his Offensive Coordinator duties.

In this role, he will reprise that position he had in New England when he worked with another QB by the name of Tom Brady. And assuming that the Rams, with the pocketbook of Stan The Man Kroenke, will accumulate enough talent to go along with a passing game, there might be more comparisons between Sam Bradford to the aforementioned Mr. Brady than them both having the same QB coach.

We could well see a Super Bowl appearance in his future.

But before we go there just yet, let's look at what might also be in store for Bradford and for the Rams next season. If McDaniels follows his past, he will bring not only his very complex modified spread playbook with him but will also drag along a few ex-Patriots or even ex-Bronco players.

There will be a big emphasis on a 1-back offense with crossing patterns and multiple WR sets to one or both sides. There will be almost no focus on the running game. There will be almost no use of the TE, except to block.

This means that TE Billy Bejema's paltry receiving production won't get any better. It also means that RB Steven Jackson may not see a 1,000 yards next season. Maybe more like 850, close to what Denver's Knowshon Moreno averaged in his two years with the McDaniels program.

I think you will also see a breakout season from a WR no one expects, like maybe Laurent Robinson. He has been with a couple of prior teams, not had any spectacular seasons before and he is tall and lanky. Now compare those credentials to a certain Brandon Lloyd, who ended up leading the NFL in receiving yards last year for Denver.

Also expect to see some sort of scandal within the first two years of his tenure in St. Louis. Whether it will be Spygate III or maybe trying to intercept the opposing team's headset signals to the defensive captain, there will be a scandal. It is in Josh's blood and in his pedigree (Dirty Bill Belechick).

Oh, and don't be surprised to see him trade for a QB and then also drafting one in the first round. As he seems to never have enough QBs or enough controversy swirling around him.

And Ram fans, don't expect to get any more help on the defensive side of the football; Josh will soak up any and all draft choices for his beloved offense.

And he might even trade away Bradford. And if that sounds far-fetched, ask Jay Cutler if it truly could happen.


Just one Bronco fan(atic)'s observation.