Philadelphia Eagles Will Be Fools If They Don't Trade Kevin Kolb in 2011

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IApril 1, 2011

Kevin Kolb has huge value to the Eagles but his best value will be in another uniform
Kevin Kolb has huge value to the Eagles but his best value will be in another uniformJim McIsaac/Getty Images

I know there is a lockout, but rumor has it that the Eagles can get a first round pick for Kevin Kolb.

If that is the case, sign me up. 

The Eagles should make that trade ASAP.  I understand there is no trading during the lockout, but hopefully the lockout ends in time to make the deal prior to the draft.  My concern is that, if the draft comes with no trade, the Eagles will keep Kolb for 2011.

That would be a mistake. 

Kolb walks at the end of next year as a free agent, so no matter what, we have to trade him.  If we can't get a 2011 first-round pick due to the lockout, then please trade him for a 2012 first-round pick.

A 2012 first-round pick would be a great deal for an unproven commodity like Kolb.  Plus, if you trade for a 2012 first-round pick, you might be able to get a 2013 pick too—not a first-rounder, but perhaps a fourth or fifth.  So, two picks for a guy who really has a lot to prove, I would take that deal.

The key here is the Eagles have to trade Kolb. 

Many people say they should keep him because he is great insurance for Michael Vick.  There is some merit to that argument. Except, you could get a first-round pick and, perhaps, another pick or player for a backup.  Anytime you can get a first round pick for a guy who isn't starting, you make that deal.  Everyday of the week and twice on Sundays, you make that deal.

Keeping Kolb means he walks as a free agent, and you get nothing except an NFL compensatory pick for him.  Keeping Kolb means you do not get a first-round pick for him. 

Keeping Kolb would be a huge mistake.

So, you trade Kolb, and then you go shopping for a veteran backup quarterback—and there will be plenty of them out there.  There are always plenty of backup quarterbacks out there. 

If nothing else, Jeff Garcia had no job last year, and knows both our offense and Andy Reid.  Would having Garcia as a backup for Vick really be that much worse than Kolb?  Or perhaps Kafka will be ready to be the backup. Then you can draft a rookie for a third string quarterback.

No matter what the Eagles decide to do, there is one thing that should be blatantly obvious: Kevin Kolb should not be an Eagle in 2011.  Not if you can pull a first-round pick for him—whether it is in 2011 or 2012.