Philadelphia Eagles Awarded Two Compensatory Picks: I Propose a Trade

Dan PennwynCorrespondent IMarch 26, 2011

The Eagles receive two Kurt Colemans
The Eagles receive two Kurt ColemansJim McIsaac/Getty Images

NFL officials announced yesterday the compensatory picks for each of the 32 teams in the league and with it the Philadelphia Eagles learned they are getting two additional picks in the seventh round, 236th and 239th overall.

The added picks were awarded based off of the players, defensive end Jason Babin and safety Sean Jones, who were lost during the 2009 free-agency period. The picks also take in to account for players who the Eagles front office signed during free agency.

Bo Wulf of the Eagles official website was on top of the topic today and reminded fans not to take the seventh round picks lightly and that true talent can still be found at the tail end of any draft.

Wulf offered players such as RB Rashad Jennings (2009), Ahmad Bradshaw (2007), WR Marques Colston (2006) and the Eagles' own 2010 seventh round pick, safety Kurt Coleman, who was selected with the 244th overall pick, as primary examples of such players who have had success in the NFL after being overlooked in their respective drafts.

The thing to keep in mind about these added draft picks is during the lockout teams are prohibited from approaching another team or player and opening up trade talks. However, the hypothetical scenario I am about to outline would be allowed since it would not involve a veteran player in the league.

With the pair of seventh round compensatory picks, the Eagles now have a total of 10 draft picks in the upcoming draft, just three shy of last year’s total.

I for one fully anticipate a busy and hectic (as usual) Eagles front office on draft day itself to either stockpile more picks, or use a portion of the existing 10 picks they have to move up in various rounds. They now have a total of three picks in the seventh round now and I see them being more ammo for Andy Reid’s battle plan than anything.

If I had to take a guess at what a possible pick package might look like, it would look something like this: Reid stacks the seventh overall pick in the fourth round (acquired via the McNabb trade) and one, possibly two, of the seventh round picks to go from having two fourth round picks to a pair of third round picks.

What position would they target and who could the Eagles draft with an additional third round pick? Which NFL team would they try to spark a trade with is another top question that would have to be asked? Here’s another question that most have overlooked which is with all of the changes in the personnel department the way the Eagles play out a draft could surely be altered.

Juan Castillo is the new defensive coordinator after spending 13 years on the offensive side of the ball and I’m curious how the front office will approach the upcoming and future drafts; is a linebacker or strong safety in the first round completely out of the question? Until recently we could almost bank on the fact that the Eagles were going to draft a player on one of the lines in the first round during Andy Reid’s tenure.

This draft is an exception because if the Eagles don’t draft either a right guard/tackle or cornerback there is going to be wide spread profanities being yelled at millions of televisions worldwide. So if the Eagles did have that additional pick in the third acquired by my presumptive trade I feel confident in saying it would be either a linebacker or strong safety.

Safety Quintin Mikell and linebacker Ernie Sims are both free agents once a new CBA is reached and there hasn’t been a hint of either returning for the 2011 season. If only one of those two were to get resigned I would have to say adios to Sims as I think his release is a lock.

Some say that the Birds should keep him because former defensive coordinator Sean McDermott didn’t utilize him properly; I agree with that. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the Eagles are willing to give it another try.

The overall belief is that if Quintin Mikell finds work elsewhere that Kurt Coleman is the most probable starter but let’s not forget about Marlin Jackson who could surprise all of us and remain healthy.

What the Eagles do with these compensatory seventh round picks is going to be interesting regardless, and while I don’t expect a pick-for-pick trade to occur any time before the draft—it would be nice if the Eagles did pull the trigger ahead of time. Until then, the Eagles have 10 draft picks!

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